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5 Best Places for PoE Currency Farming

Dunes Map

It's ideal for Legion and league mechanics spawn, which spacious layout greatly benefits Projectile Speed Builds.

Dunes can maximize the number of legions and combine with Breach/Abyss for quicker Delirium Rewards filling, and its boss encounters are effortless to be instantly defeated.|
Items in Dunes map:


There is a new drop of 5 Divine Orb cards (including Brother's Gift) in the Cemetery map.

The map provides a wide and open layout, making it good for Legion encounters and stacking league mechanics.

The boss encounter in a separate room is exceptionally easy and does not have any additional phases. You can quickly rush through the boss fight to eliminate the Boss Altars.

While uncertain about the drop rate of Brother's Gift, I managed to find one at the beginning of the league.
Items in Cemetery map:

Defiled Cathedral
The map is specifically designed for farming the Apothecary Card.The boss
is challenging and involves the spawning of pillars of degeneration.The map's circular layout makes it less suitable for efficient Delirium Mirror Farming, and it contains some of the most valuable Divination Cards in the game, including Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, Enlightened, and Innocent.The layout of the map allows for easy full clearing, but it may not be the optimal choice for spawning Legion encounters and other league mechanics. At the last, it is often paired with Enraged Strongbox Farming strategies.
Items in Defiled Cathedral map:

Crimson Temple

This map is an excellent choice for farming Apothecary cards, especially when combined with the Delirium Mirror mechanic. The boss encounter is not challenging and consists of two phases. If you want to save time, it's possible to quickly rush through the boss fight, eliminating all Boss Altars in the process. This map is often paired with Enraged Strongbox Farming for additional rewards. Additionally, it features the same valuable Divination Cards as the Defiled Cathedral, with the exception of the "Innocent" card, which grants 40 Regrets.
Items in Crimson Temple map:

Jungle Valley

The map does not have any Boss Eldritch Altars, so there is no need to rush through the boss encounter. It is also an open map with plenty of space, easy for engaging with Legion encounters and other mechanics. The boss takes some time to descend and shares similarities with the Act 2 Weaver boss.

While there are no valuable divination cards associated with this map, but it is commonly used for Altar Farming.
Items in Jungle Valley map:

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