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The Origin of Diablo 4


The Story Between Lilith and Inarius

In a time when the higher realms of heaven and the fiery depths of hell existed, angels and demons ignited the flames of an eternal war.

Lilith, the daughter of the demon lord Mephisto, and Inarius, the lieutenant of the archangel Tyrael, grew weary of the endless slaughter.

When Inarius became a captive of the fiery depths of hell, he met Lilith amidst the dark inferno.

This unlikely pair discovered their shared beliefs and conspired together.

Lilith, Inarius, and a group of demons and angels who shared their convictions seized control of the Worldstone, creating a sanctuary.

The union of Inarius and Lilith also gave birth to a new race: the Nephalem.

The exiled angels and demons feared the extraordinary power of the Nephalem. Lilith, driven by a strong protective instinct, slaughtered anyone with malicious intentions.

This filled Inarius with fear, leading him to exile Lilith into the Void.

He then weakened the influence of his children on their offspring using the Worldstone. Over time, the Nephalem evolved into humans.

Inarius established the Cathedral of Light to oppose the demon lord in the sanctuary. The Sin War began.

After the Sin War ended, Inarius was imprisoned in the fiery depths of hell by Mephisto.

Thousands of years later, Inarius managed to escape from the fiery depths of hell and, led by his most devout follower Rathma, rebuilt the Cathedral of Light in the sanctuary.

Through a dark ritual, Lilith was summoned back from the Void and returned to the sanctuary. What are her intentions...

With the return of the father and mother of the sanctuary, the bloody tapestry of Diablo IV begins to unfold, and the world they created faces the threat of ancient enemies.

The future of humanity is in your hands...

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