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Diablo 4 Druid Build Guide


Diablo 4 Druid Build Guide
My personal Druid has reached max level in the test, so I want to share some insights for newbies just starting on the path of nature. Currently, I have completed level 30 of the Kolkaraggan Fortress solo using the "Pat Pat" bear, and overall it was quite enjoyable.
So here is my skill tree recommendation, saving your time and helping you to choose D4 items.

Leveling Stage 1-11:

Use the Stormstream branch for early gameing: its AoE damage is much higher than other branches. Mainly rely on the Wind Shear branch to speed up mana recovery and use Tornado for AoE clearing of mobs. However, when fighting bosses, the Tornado trajectory is a bit high-blood-pressure-inducing.

Mid-Stage 12-20:

Once you've passed level 11, you can start investing in the Companion skill tree. The first priority is to get Poison Greeper, which deals damage and has control effects.

Next is Ravens, which is good for AoE clearing of small mobs. Finally, there's Wolfs for single-targeting elite enemies.

Once you've invested in these three skills by level 14, you can carry your basic skills according to your mood. This is because the AoE of Ravens and Poison Greeper can basically clear one or two groups of small mobs, and it would be a huge drain on mana to use Tornado for the remaining few single small mobs.

level 16

You can learn the only active displacement skill so far, Trample. Here, I do not recommend investing skill points and instead advise to get it from a necklace or item.

Boulder is noteworthy, though it is a very interesting skill with decent base damage.

Hurricane has a little low cost-effectiveness ratio, but it becomes very useful later on.

Level 20

As you approach level 20, you'll find that your damage become modest. That’s Druids. At level 20, you can go fight world bosses with other Diablo 4 players. I did it with 8 gamers, using the animal companions. Most of the damage came from the wolves and Poison Greeper, while I used the Bear skill every 12 seconds to attract aggro and survived for 12 minutes to complete the fight.

Druid Skill Tree Recommendation:

Operating Ideas and Procedures:

When the healthy state lasts for 12 seconds, Shattering will trigger Suppression.

The Earth Shield branch can strengthen life, so turn it on when you have it.

Blood Frenzy invests in the branch that restores mana. Use it when maintaining a healthy state.

This way, you can trigger an AoE Shatter of 700+ every 12 seconds. Currently, elite monsters have less than 1.7k health, so they die after three hits. Spend 12 seconds circling around the monster, then trigger the buff to hit it. Once you've killed the monster, Blood Frenzy's cooldown is almost done, so restore mana and continue looking for more monsters. When you get an orange equipment affix, your attack range will further expand.

Regarding elite special attack skills, my well of joy- provaction:

The suppression lasts for 20 seconds, which seems simple, but there's a skill that can cause huge damage in conjunction with it - Hurricane. Normally, Hurricane lasts for 8 seconds with damage of 20-30 per 0.5 seconds, which is nothing special. But when you activate the Taunt buff and then use Hurricane, the damage will be amplified to over 200, and it can deal over 3k.

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