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​D2R Ladder Season 3 End Date & Ladder 4 Start Date - D2R Patch 2.7 Release Dates


In a recent developer live stream, Blizzard announced the opening time of Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 4. This news makes people feel very sudden. You must know that the third season starts on February 17th, and previous seasons have been around four months. It's really surprising to start the fourth season in less than three months this time. In today's article, we will introduce you to all the information about the end date and start date of D2R Ladder Season 3 and Season 4, as well as D2R Patch 2.7.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Reset - Season 3 End Date & Season 4 Start Date

So far, there is no official news on the end time of Ladder Season 3, but based on previous seasons, we can predict that it will end shortly before the release of Season 4, which is May 4th, and D2R patch 2.7  may coincide with the start of the Season 4 or be close to it.

Although May 4th is the officially reported release date of the Ladder Season 4, some people believe it was a mistake by Blizzard, because Season 3 only started two months ago, and there isn't enough time for the PTR testing server. Of course, it is more likely that Blizzard has abandoned updates for Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Blizzard has already announced the end of updates for Diablo 3 and will focus all efforts on Diablo 4. Season 29 became the last season, and the gameplay content of the first 29 seasons will be repeated in the future. If the story of Diablo 2 Resurrected is repeated, there will be no new gameplay content in Season 4, and there will be no need to set up a testing server. Therefore, May 4th is a credible date, and the third season will be shorter than any previous season, but considering the situation, it is still acceptable.

D2R Ladder Season Reset Timeline - PTR & Patch Dates

Once Diablo 2 Ladder Season 3 ends, your character will be transferred to non-ladder mode and the ladder will reset again. The following is a list of the release schedules for all D2R ladder seasons, patches, and PTRs from 2022 to 2023.

D2R 2.4 PTR Start - March 2, 2022

D2R 2.4 PTR End - March 9, 2022

D2R Patch 2.4 launch -  April 14, 2022

D2R Ladder Season 1 Launch - April 28, 2022

D2R 2.5 PTR Start - August 25, 2022

D2R 2.5 PTR End - September 19, 2022

D2R Patch 2.5 Launch - September 22, 2022

D2R Ladder Season 1 End - October 6, 2022

D2R Ladder  Season 2 Start - October 6, 2022

D2R 2.6 PTR Start -  January or February 2023 (Predict)

D2R Patch 2.6 Launch - January 24, 2023

D2R Ladder Season 2 End & Season 3 Start Date - February 16, 2023

D2R Ladder Season 4 Start - May 4, 2023

Patch 2.7 PTR Testing - To Be Determined

It's now less than two weeks until Season 4 begins, so anyone planning to play the upcoming ladder and the upcoming patch can start preparing. Once D2R Ladder Season 4 starts, you can buy d2r ladder items at MMOSO with cheap prices and fast delivery.



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