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Diablo 4 Beginners Guide - Best Five Tips For D4 Open Beta


If you're new to ARPGs, or new to Blizzard's iconic series of games, in which case you might need some newbie tips before venturing into the world of Sanctuary in Diablo 4's public test.

In today's article, we offer five essential tips to help you get off to the best possible start in the Diablo 4 open beta so you can get your super cute little wolf pup cosmetic when the game launches in early June, and easily killed the army of Burning Hell.

1. Diablo 4 Open Beta Class Recommend

In last weekend's test, there are only three classes for us to play. Among them, the profession with the best mechanism performance and early experience should be the Rogue. The Sorceress can only unlock one enchantment slot, and the Barbarian weapon needs to spend extra time to obtain.

During the public beta, the difficulty of the game is very low, you can also choose Sorceress or Barbarians to progression,  but if you want to pursue efficiency, it is better to start with Rogue than Sorceress and Barbarians.

2. Diablo 4 Open Beta Upgrade Guide

Level 25 of the public beta can be practiced with little effort, but if you are not satisfied with the speed of leveling and want to be more efficient, there are the following ways.

a. Main task

Completing both mainline and subquests will provide additional experience.

b. Team up

Meeting other players in the big world exploration can get 5% extra experience, and forming a team can provide 10%.

c. Potions

Medicine NPCs can spend materials to make potions. All potions provide a 3% extra experience bonus. In the early stage, you can make some of the cheapest potions to speed up progression.

3. Diablo 4 Open Beta Equipment Acquisition

In the game, we can drop equipment by killing monsters and farm maps normally. Here are some additional ways to obtain them.

a. Find The Loot Goblin

When exploring the big world, the loot Goblin will randomly appear on the map. They are a very good source of Diablo 4 Items in the early stage, because the beta version only has a 25-level cap and a low legendary drop rate, and the drop rate of Goblins will be higher.

b. Buy from blacksmiths and other NPCs

Blacksmiths, jewelers, and other NPCs in the game will sell equipment to us. Since the yellow equipment of Diablo 4 exists as a base material, we can buy usable equipment from them. The refresh rate of these merchants is very slow, about every 1- 2 hours refreshes, so you can check them every time you return to the city to resupply.

c. Field events

There will be random events when exploring the big world. Even if other players trigger halfway, we can still get rewards if we join in the middle.

Participating in these events will drop whispering ancient coin as a reward. This item is similar to the blood rock fragments of Diablo 3. It can be exchanged for rewards at the exclusive NPC. It is recommended to exchange for gloves, which are cheap and can produce special attack effects.

4. Diablo 4 Open Beta Potion upgrade and pants

a. Potion upgrade

The potion mechanism of Diablo 4 combines the characteristics of 2 and 3. At the beginning, all characters only have 5 bottles of potions, and the cooling time of drinking potions is about 1 second. Each bottle of potion will restore 30% of our maximum health and provide a fixed period of additional treatment.

Spending materials at the potion NPC can upgrade the potion to make more additional healing numbers later, and collecting prestige points in the area will also unlock the upper limit of the potion. In normal battles, when we defeat enemies, we will drop potion bottles, and the amount of potions can be restored by approaching these bottles.

b. Legendary Pants

Among all the equipment, the most related to the potion is the trousers. Ordinary trousers can have the entry of potion upper limit +1. And the legendary pants must have a potion main entry, this entry is either the potion restores 30% resources, or the potion provides 30% health shield.

In Diablo 4, we can upgrade yellow equipment to legendary equipment through the infusion system. The material for infusion is either a one-time legendary spirit, or the low-security special effects obtained by clearing the dungeon.

So in the test phase, besides doing tasks, the most important thing we should do is to clear a dungeon with special effects that can be enchanted on the pants, and then get a pair of yellow pants to infuse him into a legend, and unlock the special effects of the potion to progression.

5. Diablo 4 Open Beta Reputation System

We can gain reputation points by exploring maps in the Fractured Peaks, completing missions, clearing dungeons, collecting Altar of Lilith to unlock teleportation points, and capturing fortresses. With the promotion of prestige points, we can get three additional skill points and 1 bottle of potion.



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