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Diablo 4 Item List


The public beta testing for Diablo 4 has ended, and MMOSO can finally find some time to break free from the endless game. This article will introduce the types and qualities of equipment in the game, including the differences between legendary and ancient items, as well as the definitions of ancestral and sacred items. Before the Diablo 4 release date come, let' s get D4 itemization across.

Diablo 4 Item List

In the game, equipment is categorized into five colors: normal, magic, rare, legendary, and unique. However, the significant difference is only between legendary (advanced yellow) and unqiue items.

Rare Items&Legendary Item

During the public beta testing, legendary items had the same attribute choices and ranges as rare items of the same power. The only difference was that legendary items had more attribute bonuses.

The special effects of legendary items can be extracted and applied to rare items, so we can consider legendary items as rare items with four affixes.

Salvaging legendary aspects is a consumable that can only be used once, while crafting materials can be infused an unlimited number of times

Different types of aspects have different applications. For example, offensive aspects can only be used on weapons, gloves, amulets, and rings, while using aspects on two-handed weapons and necklaces can enhance their power.

In the late stages after reaching level 80, yellow items can have four affixes. These rare    items are usually the mainstream commodities in the trading market.

Unique Item

Compared to legendary items, unique items are rarer. In the beta version, we could only obtain the Butcher's weapon from him with a certain probability.

Most of the ancient items in Diablo 4 follow the design logic of Diablo 2, which means:

They become rarer and more difficult to obtain.

1. All unique items are very hard to come by. Among the optional affixes, they will have at least one attribute that legendary items cannot obtain. For example, the Butcher's weapon affix can deal critical strikes and additional damage to wounded enemies, which cannot appear in normal weapon affixes.

2. The affixes are completely fixed, with only variations in numerical values among different ancient weapons, while the types of affixes remain unchanged.

3. In Diablo 4, you can only equip one piece of the same ancient item, so dual-wielding classes cannot carry two weapons with the same name. However, you can choose to equip ancient items with different names.

Sacre Items&Ancestral Items

You can understand the difference by comparing normal, exceptional, and elite items in Diablo 2, or normal, legendary, and ancient legendary items in Diablo 3.

At the beginning of the game, normal quality equipment can drop.

Only players level 50 and above can use sacred-level equipment, and this type of equipment only drops after the game world difficulty level reaches level 3.

Ancestral-quality equipment has a minimum requirement of level 70, and it is only possible to obtain drops when the difficulty level reaches the current highest level of 4.

The higher the quality of equipment, the higher the upper and lower limits of its base attributes and affixes. Normal gloves can have a maximum skill level of +2, while sacred gloves can increase it to +3, and ancestral gloves can go up to +4. The affixes of ancient items are fixed, but the improvement in equipment quality affects the numerical range of the affixes.

Legendary aspects also have different levels, and aspects of the same level can only be infused into equipment of the same level.

If we want to graduate in the short term, we must obtain ancestral materials and the crafting materials for ancestral legendary powers. On the other hand, obtaining ancient items is relatively easier as long as they are of ancestral quality.

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