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8 Useful Tips You Need Know Before Diablo 4 Release


8 useful tips you need know before Diablo 4 release

The highly anticipated game Diablo 4, by Blizzard, is set to be released on June 6th. Players have been eagerly awaiting the game's launch. During the stress testing phase, our website MMOSO has compiled the following 8 useful tips to help players get a head start and excel in Diablo 4.

1. Which way is more profitable, selling items or salvaging them?

It depends on your own inventory of materials and whether you have a large quantity of items to sell or upgrade equipment. If you have enough materials, you can sell them; otherwise, you can salvage them.

It's unlikely to have the same convenience as Diablo 3 currently does for item upgrades. Either you don't have enough materials or you don't have enough money. It requires economic management.

For levels below 50, it is recommended to upgrade weapons by a few levels, and armor can be upgraded by one or two levels. It is not recommended to spend resources on item upgrades.

Common blue and white items can be sold directly. If you gather a lot of resources in the wilderness or kill many beasts, unless you start upgrading items excessively at a low level, there generally won't be a significant shortage.

Yellow items with a hammer icon indicate that they have not been transmogrified, and these items are not useful, so they can be broken down. Yellow materials are relatively scarce but in high demand. Whether you break them down or sell them depends on how often you plan to upgrade or level up your equipment in the near future.

Legendary materials have an even greater shortage and are needed for extraction.

In most cases, it is usually better to sell magic items (blue), normal items (white), and rare items (Golden) rather than salvaging. Diablo 4 Gold are spent quickly. As your level increases, sometimes a simple click can cost tens of thousands of gold.

2. How to obtain the best Diablo 4 weapon?

The maximum item power is 825, and it can only be obtained by defeating monsters on the 100th floor of Nightmare Dungeons. These monsters are at level 150 and have a chance to drop the desired items.

If you want a rare item with maximum affix rolls and all four random affix values at their maximum, you must defeat level 150 monsters to have a chance of obtaining it. Only by defeating these high-level monsters is there a chance of getting an item with all affixes at their maximum values. This information was discovered by deciphering client data.

3. It is essential to complete the main storyline as soon as possible.

Game modes such as "Tree of Whispers" and "Helltide" require the main storyline to be completed before they can be unlocked.

4. Don't underestimate Lucky Hit

Taking Blizzard as an example, the skill has a 33% chance of triggering a critical hit. The ultimate skill has a 10% chance of triggering a critical hit (which doubles the damage taken by enemies).

At first glance, the combined chance seems low at 33% * 10% = 3.3%, appearing weak.

However, the formula for the chance of lucky triggers is:

Skill probability * Effect probability * (1 + Luck from equipment affix) * Number of enemies hit

Let's assume hitting 5 enemies and having 30% luck from equipment. If Blizzard hits its maximum number of times, the chance of triggering critical hits would be:

33% * 10% * 5 * 8 (Blizzard hits 8 times) * (1 + 30%) = 1.7

This means that with one Blizzard cast, you can trigger critical hits more than once. If enemies are vulnerable, it can be up to 3 times.

Therefore, while lucky critical hits may seem weak initially, they can actually be quite powerful in practice. Additionally, stacking luck for critical hits on equipment is not difficult to achieve.

5. During the leveling process, it is recommended to complete blue side quests along the way without actively pursuing them.

Whether playing solo or in a team, it is advisable to set the difficulty to level 1 because there is no difference in quest experience between difficulty levels 1 and 2 when running main quests only.

For team play, a 3-player team is recommended. Although the experience bonus is only 10% for 2-4 player teams, the monster difficulty ascend with the number of players. Compared to a 2-player team, a 3-player team is way safer in case someone accidentally dies during a boss fight, as it is easier to provide assistance.

6. Junk disposal
When selling junk equipment, it is recommended to check the jewelry and armor vendors as well. If you're lucky, you might find necklaces and gloves with multiple key skills directly available for purchase.

7. Rare items
Rare items with levels ranging from 330 to 339 can have their affix values re-rolled through 1-2 enhancements. For example, if you have a level 336 necklace with +1 to a skill, by enhancing it to reach item level 341, there is a chance for the corresponding skill affix to become +2. Enhancing the item once increases the item level by 5, and enhancing it three times for gambling attributes is not cost-effective.

8. Map tips
Upon entering a new map, press Y to view the "Might" section, where selecting the "Codex Might" option will provide hints about the location of Codex Might dungeons.

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