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​Which Gears Are Difficult To Farm In Diablo 2 Resurrected - D2R Rare Items Guide


The gear system in Diablo 2 Resurrected is very large and complex, not only the number of gears is very large, but also there are many rare gears. Obtaining these gears in the game is random, and if you can get a rare piece of gear, it can even change players' battle situations. So what rare items are in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Mang Song's Lesson

This weapon is the most difficult weapon to drop in the Diablo 2 Resurrected, the drop rate is said to be only 1 in 100,000, even if players have been fighting in hell for months, the possibility of bosses dropping it is also very few. In the entire Diablo 2 version, this is the only weapon that can +5 To All Skills. Whether it is Sorceresses, Necromancer, or Druid to use, you can see their amazing skills upgradeability, but once players farmed it, it is estimated that they are reluctant to use it, collection it may be the best choice.

Tyrael's Might

This armor is also one of the most famous armors in Diablo II: Resurrected, its drop is also very difficult, but this armor although it has excellent defense capabilities and the slain monsters rest in peace ability, most players still rarely wear it out to fight monsters, after all, with it many skills can not be used, so most players farm it is to show off on the Internet.

Death's Fathom - Dimensional Shard

This staff is the ultimate weapon of the cold sorceress. It can not only have +3 To Sorceress Skill Levels, but also +20% Faster Cast Rate, and up to +30% To Cold Skill Damage. In addition, this weapon also increases Fire Resist and up to 40% Lightning Resist, it is a pretty good weapon, but the drop rate is too low, it is a staff that countless players want.

Arm of King Leoric

This wand is the necromancer's favorite wand. It not only has +2 To Summoning Skills but also increases the output of the 5 most useful skills. In addition, it also increases by 10% Faster Cast Rate, it is an artifact. The level required for this wand is not high, but many friends rarely play it. Because the drop rate of unique weapons is not high. But get it is a legend, and once you get it, the necromancer will sweep everything.

Vampire Gaze

Many players should have rarely seen this helm. It is a helm second only to Andariel's Visage. Its importance lies in Mana/Life Stolen Per Hit, and at the same time Damage Reduced and Magic Damage Reduced. It also increases the output of cold damage, which can be used by themselves can also be used by mercenaries.

Astreon's Iron Ward

This caduceus is the holy caduceus of Paladin, it has very good attributes. It not only has +4 To Combat Skills to Paladin, Increased Attack Speed, but also increases Magic Damage and 33% Chance of Crushing Blow. In addition, Slows Target By 25% will greatly increase the blow strength and depth, which can be said to be both offensive and defensive, is a rare weapon. Astreon's Iron Ward is a necessary weapon for the double-hot Paladin, but unfortunately, the drop rate is too low, and players need to make unremitting efforts to get it.

Eschuta's Temper

So far, there may still be many players who have not farmed this, Cold-Fire Sorceresses and Fire-Lightning Sorceresses need it badly. It also increases the level 3 Mage skill. Compared with the Dimensional Shard, it also has +3 To Sorceress Skill Levels, but this weapon increases the Faster Cast Rate by 20% more than Dimensional Shard, only the damage skills are replaced by Lightning and Fire, and an additional 30 To Energy. Eschuta's Temper is also a rare item, but the drop rate is still very low.

Bartuc's Cut-Throat

This talon is one of the best weapons for Assassins. It not only increases +2 To Assassin Skill Levels and +1 To Martial Arts Skills but also greatly increases the damage and Faster Hit Recovery. In addition, this weapon can also be 9% Life Stolen Per Hit and increase Dexterity and Strength, it is an absolute weapon for melee Assassins, but unfortunately, the dexterity points and Strength points are required for assassins are relatively high.

Andariel's Visage

This mask is one of the rare helmets in Diablo II: Resurrected because there are very few helmets in Diablo 2 Resurrected game that can increase +2 To All Skills. This helmet has too many attributes, including Increased Attack Speed, Life Stolen Per Hit, increasing Strength, Poison Resist, plus high enhanced defense ability, put it on and you can go out and sweep the monsters in hell.

Carin Shard

This Wand is an important weapon for the Necromancer. It does not only have +2 To Summoning Skills but also has +1 To Necromancer Skill Levels. In addition, it also increases the life and mana along with the level of the character, Faster Cast Rate, and Faster Hit Recovery.

The Reaper's Toll

It is the exclusive weapon of mercenaries in Act 2, and it is the only weapon among all the polearms that Deadly Strike and can cast Decrepify. In addition, up to 240% Enhanced damage is also terrible, as well as adds Cold Damage and up to 15% Life Stolen Per Hit, which is a very high attack power for any boss of Hell difficulty,  especially the three ancients in Act 5.

Templar's Might

The most outstanding attribute of Templar's Might is to increase the 300 Defense vs. Missiles, which is a rare armor for Paladins. In addition, it can improve the skill attributes of level 2 Paladins, but the disadvantage is that the required strength points are too high. Maybe the player has played a few rounds, and the strength points cannot meet the requirements, in addition, this armor does not increase by four Resist stats, so many players will put it in the storage box for collection.

The Cranium Basher

This maul has extremely high damage, not only high, but also has a 4% Chance To Cast Level 1 Amplify Damage On Striking, Increased Attack Speed, and increase enhanced damage by up to 240%. Among them, the best attribute is that it can 75% Chance Of Crushing Blow, useful for any difficulty, the only drawback is that the attack speed is slower, and the required strength points are also relatively high,  except for barbarians have a chance to pick it up, other characters don't think about it.

The Oculus

One of the Sorceresses' weapons, the best attribute of this Swirling Crystal is to increase All Resistances +20, as well as +20 To Vitality and Energy, and the required level is not high, it is a relatively balanced Sorceress weapon.

Zakarum's Hand

One of the Paladin's weapons, it is a relatively average weapon that not only Increased Attack Speed, but also brings up to 220% Enhanced Damage, and the increased +2 skills bring attack output to the Paladin. Zakarum's Hand has a better performance in normal difficulty and nightmare difficulty, and it would be even more perfect if add the skill of Life Stolen again.

Crown of Ages

It is one of the very few helmets with increased skill value in Diablo 2 Resurrection. The highlight of this rare helmet is not only to increase +1 To All Skills but also greatly increase the hit recovery and enhance defense, the most outstanding increase All Resistances +30.

Spire of Lazarus

At first glance, this weapon looks exactly the same as the Staff of Kings for Horadric in Act 2, but the difference is that it not only increases +1 To Sorceress Skill Levels but also increases the Chain Lightning output and Static Field skills, while greatly increasing the Regenerate Mana and Lightning Resist ability. With it, you will not be afraid of lightning beetles in Act 2 and Ghosts in Act 4, it is a very useful weapon for Lightning Sorceress.

Todesfaelle Flamme

Few players have farmed out this Sword, its characteristic is that fire damage is extremely high, the highlight is not only to add 50-200 Fire Damage but also to Fire Absorb and Enhanced Damage, against the Travincal council members who cast hydra will be very helpful. Whether it is Cold-Fire Sorceresses, or good use of the elements Druids, or Barbarians can be considered, but because it can not increase the skill attributes, the choice still needs to be weighed.

Death's Web

An exclusive weapon for Necromancers, very practical value, it not only has +2 To All Skills but also increases Poison and Bone Spells. It has an extremely high Enemy Poison Resistance and can obtain mana and life from monsters, using it to deal with Andariel is too useful.  

Tomb Reaver

The necessary weapons for mercenaries in Act 2, like The Reaper's Toll, are weapons for dealing with powerful enemies. The most dazzling part of this weapon is that it greatly increases the attack speed and damage. It has up to +50 All Resistances, and can also reanimate dead monsters and increase life, and add 3 Socketed, it's just too good.  

If players want to farm these rare gears, it not only takes a lot of time and energy but also depends on luck, so the cost is very high. Taking these factors into consideration, MMOSO provides players with safe and reliable Diablo 2 Resurrected Items For Sale, which are not only cheap, but also very fast in delivery, and worth buying!



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