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LOST ARK Ranking PvP Season and update with new defense system


LOST ARK Ranked PvP has officially launched on March 24, 2022. At the same time, the Lost Ark weekly update package contains a system update that can continue to combat bots and fraud.

LOST ARK Ranking PvP Season

Since the official start of LOST ARK Competitive Proving Grounds Season 1, players in the game can officially get the New PvP currency. Players brave enough to prove themselves can queue up in Solo Queue for Deathmatch.

In Ranked PvP, your score represents your strength. Each battle will be judged by points. Whether you win or lose, the game system will adjust your score the first time. According to the score, will be divided into different levels. If you want more players to remember you, play as many ranked PvP matches as possible.

The Lost Ark PvP levels are as follows:

Bronze: 1399 or below

Silver: 1400 – 1599

Gold: 1600 – 1799

Platinum: 1800 – 1999

Diamonds: 2000+

Master: Top 31 – 100 players in the region

Grandmaster: Top 30 players in the division

Lost Ark PvP Season 1 will end in September. If you want to get great rewards, plan your time wisely. At the end of the season, the system will offer different rewards based on the points earned on your account. You will need to keep improving your score if you wish to earn rewards throughout the season.

New Casual Guardian Raid event

The New Casual Guardian Raid event has loosened material restrictions for players. In the new update, players only need to reach item level 250 to participate in the Casual Guardian Raid event.

After participating in the game, the game will automatically adjust the difficulty based on the number of players participating in the raid. You'll also have a series of Guardians to challenge for the event, which lasts about a month. Each squad can have one raid event per day. After the challenge is successful, you will also receive corresponding generous rewards.

Fight bots and fraud

Lost Ark has weekly updates. This week's update adds a new prevention system. primarily aimed at combating bots and fraud. This update is also intended to improve user quality. This means that first, you must be a real player, and secondly, your account must be in good condition. For players with reputable Steam accounts, don't worry. they won't be affected. If your account is untrusted, your account will be restricted.

Restricted features include:

Initiating player-to-player trades, of which requests can still be received.

Sending in-game gifts.

Exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold.

Sending in-game mail with attachments.



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