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Lost Ark Guide - Get and Use Requiem of Twilight

Of all the Lost Ark catalogs, Requiem of Twilight is one of the most coveted. I'll show you how to get and use the Lost Ark Requiem of Twilight.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Lost Ark game is its songs. Different styles of melodies are suitable for different occasions. The playful melody can help you get out of the dungeon and reunite with your lover. To participate in the music event, you need to be level 50 or above to be eligible to continue. keep in mind that some areas are inaccessible without a proper level upgrade.

Requiem of Twilight Location

After meeting the level requirements, you will also need:

1, Head to the Tranquil Isle. (This quest is easy to miss. While Tranquil Isle is not the most famous, it is far from other important islands.)

2, Speak to Father Diruth to start the Island of Eternal Rest quest.

4, Place the lilies on the gravestones.

5, Completing the quest will grant you the Requiem of Twilight song.

Requiem of Twilight steps

The Requiem of Twilight can quickly build rapport with most NPCs. If you're trying to attract some of the NPCs in the game, keep in mind that you only have three chances to use them. This is great if you simply want to put on a show for your mates.

1, Click F2 on your keyboard.

2, Scroll down to Requiem of Twilight.

3, Click Play.

4, Stand still and let your character play you a soaring symphony.

Requiem of Twilight goes out the door for its unique ability to quickly build rapport. In the Lost Ark game, you have access to a lot of characters, quests, and big bosses. Requiem of Twilight, however, plays an important role in the bond. This song minimizes friction and builds rapport.

Obtaining the Requiem of Twilight can reduce barriers to your journey. On your Lost Ark journey, you need the help of Lost Ark Gold. The Lost Ark is sought after by players with dreams. The premise is that you need to master the Lost Ark Updated Date and understand the latest developments. If you are not ready enough, join MMOSO as soon as possible.




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