​WoW TBC Classic: Hunters get to level 80 skill benefits in advance and Blizzard will sell rare mounts

Many Warcraft players have the inherent impression of Blizzard as "arrogant" and "like to teach players to play games". In fact, as the popularity of World of Warcraft gradually declines, the World of Warcraft project team is paying more and more attention to the opinions and suggestions of players. In December last year, It even opened a section called "World of Warcraft Community Committee" on the official website forum. All the content of this section is public, but only Blizzard employees and council members can post. The committee members are the best in every field of World of Warcraft carefully selected by Blizzard from tens of thousands of applicants. Compared with a comprehensive discussion board where everyone can speak freely, posts in the World of Warcraft Community Council board are more rational and constructive, and the chances of getting Blizzard's attention and reply are much higher.

The previous engineering major's Gnome Fighting Chicken weakening plan was promoted at the insistence of committee member Sixxfury. Blizzard's attitude under this post gradually changed from "We think this is normal" to "This is indeed a little unreasonable" to players. The process of softening is also very interesting.

Sixxfury is a star player of the US server Hunter and enjoys high popularity and reputation among players, so Blizzard also pays extra attention to this player's advice. At the beginning of this month, Sixxfury revealed in his live broadcast that Blizzard had initially adopted his suggestion and would optimize the mechanism for giving hunters a Paladin blessing buff. After the change, the new mechanism is the same as the level 80 version. The baby hunter is the warrior profession by default. When Paladin gives Warrior a powerful blessing, the hunter player will also get the corresponding BUFF. Hunter players no longer need to privately chat to the Paladins for blessings.

After the WoW TBC Classic P4 test server was updated with the latest patch, this change has been implemented according to the actual measurement of Hunter players, and Hunter players will be able to enjoy this benefit after the CD update this week.

Sixxfury, who proposed to be adopted by Blizzard one after another, recently posted a new post on the Warcraft Community Committee, hoping that Blizzard will open up classic TCG card mounts such as Magic Rooster and Ghost Tiger on the classic server, and sell them on the black market on the official server or in other similar forms.

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