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New roadmap for Lost Ark to alleviate the scarcity of Tier 3 Honing Materials


The newly updated Tier 3 content ignores certain variables causing the scarcity of T3 Honing Materials. A solution is currently being prepared.

The Lost Ark updates differently depending on the region. Simlegate RPG and Amazon Games always have the latest news. According to this month's latest update, when the MMORPG is updated regionally, you'll be surprised to learn that this update has more content than expected and that Lost Ark in EU and North America will have access to some Tier 3 content from day one.

lost ARK team

Lost Ark T1 to T3 is a learning curve where you'll need to go through a variety of magical ordeals, including island exploration, gear grinding, chaos dungeons, abyss dungeons, guardian raids, and more. The general process is to experience the first layer, then enter the second layer, and finally enter the third layer.

Tier 1 Endgame

1. Tier 1 starts at item level 250. You need to get to Shushire. The task takes about 2 hours.

2. Pass the Chaos Dungeon quest. Choose one from Guardian Raids, Chaos Dungeons, and Abyss Dungeons to start the game.

3. Unlock and start your Una's Tasks. These are your day jobs. Make sure to complete the Leapstones and Harmony Shards quests.

4. Hone your gear. Every grind you take part in is to upgrade your gear. Earn shards for leveling up by completing quests and island quests as well as grinding Dungeons and Raids. The Guardian Stone Fragments and Destruction Stone Fragments you need can be obtained by completing daily content such as Chaos Dungeons.

5. Complete the island mission. Island missions can help you quickly improve your gear score.

6. Go to Rohendel. After scoring 460, you need to complete quests here to unlock Chaos Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons on the continent.

Tier 2 Endgame

1. After completing the Rohendel continent, go to the 2nd floor. Level 2 takes place on three continents: Rohendel, Yorn, and Feiton. Depends on how fast you play, typically 6 hours of content

2. Complete Guardian Raids

3, by Chaos Dungeon Grinding

4. Complete the Abyssal Dungeons

5. Manage Your Alts

T3 Endgame

As the level deepens, the difficulty of the game also increases. There are loopholes in the current game that make the game unreasonable. Invoking data analysis, players spend too much time on unnecessary content, resulting in item inflation.

This creates a situation where the T3 honing material is insufficient. To rectify this, the developers decided to release a new roadmap to help offset the issue of bots and players getting stuck by not having enough replacements.

Overall, the developers have been making the necessary efforts for the PvP season that has begun on the competitive proving grounds.



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