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​The Best Unique Gloves In Diablo 2 Resurrected

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, players need gears to equip their characters to enhance their abilities, and gloves are one of them. While sometimes gloves are not required items, they can provide nice bonuses, including faster attack speed. In this guide, you can learn about the best unique gloves in D2 Resurrected 2.4.

Venom Grip

Venom Grip is a very good ladder starter item with a high boost to Poison Resist, and when combined with items like Venom Ward, can give a character near-immunity to poison. Players can find it in Hell Andariel or Mephisto.


The Steelrend is a unique pair of Ogre Gauntlets and the only glove that provides enhanced damage. It has the +10% Chance of Crushing Blow, a huge strength boost, and a pretty decent off weapon Enhanced damage boost, which is useful for many physical fighters.

Soul Drainer

Soul Drainer is an excellent dual leech glove, you can farm it in Hell Mephisto. Its ability to lower an enemy's Defense with each hit makes its life and mana steal more effective as well. It may be very useful for characters who pass through more dangerous areas with a lot of melees or physical damage enemies.


Magefist is one of the most popular gloves for casters and is a glove that can provide a faster cast rate in addition to Trang Oul’s gloves. Besides Magefist also provide a good boost of plus to fire skills and mana regeneration boost, which are very useful for Sorceresses that specialize in Fire Spells, Druids that specialize in fire Elemental Skills, and even Necromancers that use Corpse Explosion.


Like Magefist, Frostburn is a glove for casters, which can be found in Nightmare Andariel or Mephisto. Magefist is a great boost to mana regeneration, and Frostburn gives a very large boost to mana itself, it provides +40% increased mana, by far the most of any d2r items. However it lacks a faster cast rate, so for most casters, Magefist is the better choice.

Dracul's Grasp

Dracul's Grasp is by far the best glove for melee build survivability. Its chance to cast life tap on striking has been used by a number of builds as a method of getting high amounts of life recovery from their hits. Also, its have life per kill and an extremely rare modifier as well as plus strength natural life leech and open wounds, these are really also highly sought after for smiter paladin build.

Chance Guards

Chance Guards are the best magic find gloves in Diablo 2 Resurrected and are as popular as gull dagger. It can be used in some endgame farming situations, but the glove doesn't have any useful defensive or offensive qualities, though it's still the best slot item in most magic find builds.


Blood Fist is also a good ladder starter glove, but it is often underrated. Its highlights are increased attack speed and faster hit recovery, and the 30% hit recovery boost is great for PVP scenarios.




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