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​MMOSO WOTLK Class Guide - How to choose a WOTLK Classic Class?


We'll cover the ultimate WotLK class, which requires the best healing tanks and DPS for WotLK, and why you should choose these classes.

TBC to WotLK - Class and Difficulty Changes

In TBC, many players are discouraged by the difficulty of classic leveling; using boosts, players can skip the tedious work and enter TBC content. These boosts can be controversial, but they're a great way for new players to experience TBC content. However, WotLK is different.

WotLK leveling is more refined than its predecessor, with increased mana and ability damage, more realistic HP for boss mobs, and earlier major ability gains. As it's easier to level up, boosts will become a less used option, players preferring to opt for the more interesting questlines that Azeroth and Outland offer. Leveling may be easier, but some classes are better at leveling than others. If you want to play with friends, we'll list the easiest characters and combinations to level up.

Choose a class to improve solo

As we said before, some classes are better at leveling than others; here are the easiest levels to solo:

Paladin (Retribution)

Warlock (Affliction)

Mage (Frost)

Shaman (Enhancement)

Hunter (Marksman)

Choosing a Class to Level in a Group

Team upgrades require one person to be at least a healer, another to be a tank, any other DPS aspect is fine, but here are our best combos:

Paladin (Protection)

Priest (Discipline)


Shaman (Restoration)

WoW WOTLK Classic

Choosing your Class for WotLK

As we level up, we'll review some of the new content WotLK is bringing along with the new class, Death Knight. The new content does come with different challenges, and as a result, some classes will stand above the rest of the most played classes on TBC. During TBC, everyone played as Warlocks because they were top-tier DPS and had great utility such as Soul Stones (revival) and the ability to teleport players to raids and dungeons. In Wrath of the Lich King, however, things changed.

Top DPS Career Options in WotLK

If you want to play the role of a damage dealer, you might be interested in these classes, like Wrath of the Lich King; they do more damage to the content.

Fury Warrior

Fire Mage

Retribution Paladin

Affliction Warlock

Combat Rogue

Marksman Hunter

Shadow Priest

Unholy DK

Balance Druid

Arcane Mage

These classes became very powerful during WotLK and will see the most DPS in Dungeons and Raids. The reason Retribution Paladin is so high on the list and not last in TBC is that almost all enemies encountered during WotLK are undead, providing a permanent 1% bonus damage and bonus ability effects. Fire Mage is very interesting during Wrath of the Lich King, as the crit damage percentage can be higher than TBC, which means more Pyroblast and crazy AoE damage.

WotLK's Top Healer Choices

Healers have been enhanced when dealing with Icecrown's new mechanics, allowing new abilities to handle these new mechanics. As a result, you'll see more people willing to play therapists as their roles end up being improved in sophistication and sophistication. The top 3 healers for Wrath of the Lich King are:

Priest (Discipline)

Paladin (Holy)

Shaman (Restoration)

Each of these three therapists has its own unique playstyle and offers a variety of treatments. Discipline Priests provide the most damage reduction of all classes, meaning tanks take less time to be damaged by bosses. Discipline Priests also apply Fortitude to their tanks, increasing their damage reduction and healing received.

During Wrath of the Lich King, there's no better tank heal than Holy Paladin, pulling out some of the biggest heals and lowest mana cost of any expansion. The one downside of Holy Paladin's healing is that it cannot do AoE healing, so make sure you have a Holy Priest or Restoration Druid to make up for that.

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As for Shamans, they healed very well during WotLK as they had solid solo heals and AoE heals, which made them a safe place for raids and dungeons. They also have bloodlust/heroism to support raids/dungeon battles.

Top Tankers for WotLK

Tanks have been significantly buffed during the end of TBC and throughout WotLK, allowing them to hold aggro more effectively while having new damage mitigation and team-saving abilities. Here are our top 3 tanks in WotLK:

Protection Paladin

Blood Death Knight

Warrior Protection Spec

Protection Paladin is the strongest of all tank specs purely because of the undead in raids. Holy Wrath is an ability that stuns all undead and deals Holy damage, which increases the threat generated by the paladin. We highly recommend playing Paladin Tank during WotLK.


We hope you enjoy our DPS/Tank/Healer list! We hope you are excited about this new WotLK extension. Check out MMOSO for great deals on WotLK Classic Gold, items, low price boosts, and our article on WotLK expansions. Happy gaming!

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