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​MMOSO WOTLK - What are some really good healers for WOTLK? Rankings


In this WOTLK Classic Healer Ranking, we'll discuss the best healing classes in Wrath of the Lich King, which classes have the most healing, and which classes bring the most healing to the team. We'll cover it all, so let's jump right into it. In this Wrath Classic Healer Level List PvE, we'll rank specs from s rank all the way up to C rank. Only the most powerful specs will get an S rating, while the weakest will get a C rating.

S grade in the WOTLK Therapist Ranking


Paladins were suppressed in Wrath of the Lich King. You have new monster abilities like Beacon of Light and Divine Shield. Beacon of Light turns the target into Beacon of Light, so any healing you cast will also heal the Beacon of the target of Light, doubling the healing of babies along the way. Paladins are also huge beneficiaries of the glyph system. For example, Glyph of holy light grants 10% Holy Light healing to 5 friendly targets. Also, don't forget the Holy Invocation, which allows you to restore 25% of your total mana. At the cost of reduced healing, you hardly have any mana issues. Lastly, you'll get various spell improvements, like Holy Shock with a 7.5-second cooldown, and Lay on Hands reducing physical damage by 20% over 15 seconds. Basically, you are the best tank healer and a viable team healer at the same time. Moreover, Paladin's skill level is also very high. This is the best WOTLK therapy session. Paladins getting an S. AoE damage in these fights is not as great as in TBC. Paladins will benefit even more. Having said that, it's a very balanced expansion, where every therapist can work, everyone has a fight, and they'll succeed.

Levels in the WOTLK Classic Healer Level List

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids output insane healing damage over time. They have rejuvenated and new wild growth abilities. Wild Growth can heal up to 5 friendly squad or raid members. Imagine putting out five rejuvenation at the same time, it's utterly insane. Also in Wrath, don't forget that the Tree of Life applies to the entire team. So you're increasing the amount of healing your entire team gets by 6%. You have a new skill called nourishment, which is a magical ability to save people. At the same time, you still have the only combat resource in the game and have almost zero mana issues in Wrath. That being said, resto druids do have one big downside, and that is of course having to be prepped for hits in advance like TBC. At the same time, your healing will be constantly sniped by Paladins and Restoration Shamans. Almost everyone will snipe your healing. If you do understand the battles before and after, you still have a chance to come out on top in some battles, just like in TBC. Restoration Druid got an A!

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Disciplinary priest

Disciplined priests prevent damage, and overall this spec is much better than in TBC. In 25, you'll frantically draw your shield and your new penance ability. Confession is a huge new instant heal that ticks twice. Meanwhile, in 10, you can use old favorites like Healing Prayers, Updates, and More Quick Heals. You also now have the Ecstasy talent, which gives you 2.5% mana when your shield is absorbed or dispelled. Don't forget you have hopeless prayers as a great self-safety healer you have pain suppression to keep your tanks alive and energy infusions to cheer those fire mages. This priest has the highest skill level, which is the simplest healer. As long as you draw these shields, you'll do a lot for your raid. The big downside to Disc Priest is that if your team falls behind, you don't have much healing to catch up. In Wrath, sometimes you feel stronger on the disc, especially in the 25s. In Wrath, sometimes you feel a more powerful and holy priest. Imagine trying to top up your entire team as a recording pastor in Classic or TBC, not a great feeling. Disciplined priests earn an A on this WotLK healer list.

B Tier In Classic Wrath Healer Ranking Tier List

Holy Priest

Holy Priest in Wrath is very similar to Holy Priest in TBC. Your Healing Circle now has a 6-second cooldown to unleash that massive raid heals, and you can also output a prayer of healing for massive healing. Holy Priests can be absolute hps machines, but you don't bring a lot of unique stuff with you in terms of utility. Your Patronus is a great use for you to have, it's basically a tank saving ability. It increases the healing received by the target by 40%. You can basically throw this ability at the tank and let your other healers deal with them while you pump up the team with a ton of healing. Holy priests will take part in some battles. Although the disc will excel in other ways. For example, in 10 people, the Holy Priest will heal much more than the Disc Priest. At 25, your job is partially stolen by other options, such as other druids. So you'll want to play comfortably with both specs. It's also worth noting that the Holy Priest is considered the most difficult healer in Wrath due to the sheer number of healing options and spells you have. Ultimately, your kit is great, but you just don't get those huge buffs and changes that other specs get. This one hurts, but holy priest got a B.

Restoration Shaman

In Wrath, the shaman is both a team healer and a tank healer. They're in the middle when it comes to tanking and team healing, but they make up for it with incredible utility. Of course, you have your totem buffs to aid in raids. You have your bloodlust or heroism for that massive 30 raid haste buff, and you also have new abilities like clean spirits that can be reduced. You have a 10% physical damage reduction buff that can be given to the tank after a lethal heal. You have your earth bioweapon with a huge plus-healing weapon buff, and you even get rip tide, which is kind of like a quick fix for druids. Using tidal waves, your claws can be enhanced with multiple healing effects in different ways, and you have to choose the right one for the job. Restoration shaman's skill cap is very high because the options you have are second only to the only holy priest. Restoration Shaman earns an A on this Wotlk Healer Rank list.

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