​MMOSO WOTLK - The titles Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru before the WotLK Classic

Stage 5 of the BC Classic is in full swing, and many of you are playing on the Isle of Quel'Danas side. However, with the WotLK Classic coming to an end, some achievements, items or mounts will disappear and players will no longer be able to access them. Today I'm going to tell you about two titles you absolutely need before Wrath of the Lich King is released, namely Hand of A'dal and Champion of the Naaru.

Hand of A'dal

To earn the title of Hand of A'dal, you must complete the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal access quests. Absolutely, Blizzard has made it easier to access teams and you no longer have to verify all tasks to get into them. However, these are still available and you must complete them to get the title.

Here is some information to help you find a solution, and you can follow the link below for a complete raid access guide:

Black Temple: questline A Distraction for Akama ends, where you must defend Xi'ri and accompany Akama and Maiev to enter the instance. Previously, you had to go through Arcatraz or Serpent Temple caves in particular.

Mount Hyjal: This time, you must complete the quest Vials of Eternity, which requires looting items from Lady Vashj and Kael'thas. On its own, it's not long, but to get there you'll need a lot of Outland raids and dungeon visits.

Luckily, since we're in phase 5, you've probably already done a lot of dungeon/raid-related quests. This means you should be able to earn the "Hand of A'dal" title with ease. On the other hand, if you're just getting started, you still have some work to do.

Naaru Champion

Earning this title is associated with entering Stormhold. While you can now enter the Eye without worries, these quests are still accessible and must be verified to earn the title of Champion of the Naaru.

It's been a long process since The Hand of Gul'dan. After completing the questline, you can talk to A'dal and he will ask you to complete the four trials in a specific order. They will take you to the Broken Halls, Vault of Steam, Alcatraz and finally to Maghteridon. The last one is Naaru's Trial: Maghteridon, it was she who gave you that title.

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