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​MMOSO WOTLK - What to expect from the arrival of WoW Classic WotLK?

Now that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic has entered its final fifth phase, it's time to start thinking about the future. You know what that means, it's time to start thinking about Wrath of the Lich King in World of Warcraft Classic!

Marked by the Lich King, the WotLK expansion pack brings a slew of new players to the World of Warcraft franchise. Not only is this the first time many have experienced the long-standing MMORPG, but it's also a massive expansion of the fan favorite in the long-running series in terms of quality.

We've also compiled a list of what to expect from World of Warcraft Classic WotLK for WoW Classic players.

First Hero Class: Death Knight

As the game's first hero class, Death Knight truly embodies the game's class fantasy. Not only that, but it's the game's first new class, bringing a whole new experience.

With Frost Magic, Unholy Magic, and Blood Magic, Death Knights bring a refreshing feel to the World of Warcraft class, plus they have more modern spells in Death Grip and they are old revive ally ability, this Classes have a really special time in World of Warcraft and are largely considered the best hero classes of all time.

First Hero Class: Death Knight

The Introduction of Northrend

Unlike the heroes of Azeroth who saw a new world in Outland during TBC, they saw a new part of Azeroth in their exploration of Northrend.

With a total of ten areas to explore, this is the first time players' experience in Azeroth goes beyond Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, giving players the opportunity to explore forgotten lands, meet new races, factions, and more.

The Lich King becomes the most iconic WoW character of all time

Without a doubt, as the most iconic faces in the series, the Lich King or Arthas is part of the reason this expansion has gotten so much attention. He quickly became the face of the game and remains a big part of the game today.

The Paladin turned death knight will rule the world at all costs with the power of the cursed helmet and Frostmourne, making him the first true bad guy in World of Warcraft, and players love it.

The Barbershop offers first-ever character customization

Aside from the gear they wear (which often doesn't seem to match until they get a level or PvP setup), WoW players don't have many options when it comes to character customization in WoW's early days. However, things changed once WotLK was released.

With the barber shop, players have to add more flavor to their characters, albeit in the form of changing small features like hair and piercings. It allows players to break the monotony of keeping their characters the same all the time, and it also saves them some cash since they no longer have to pay for character customization.

It is a key element in the game as it will be used for more customization and freedom in later years.

Dalaran becomes a major city

Like Shattrath before it, Dalaran becomes the next central hub for World of Warcraft players. The city now known as "The Floating City" got its name from the departure from Lake Lordamere to fly over the Crystal Dragon Forest to fight the Lich King's army.

There are tons of NPCs in it, from PvP and PvE vendors to the Kirin Tor Council and the like, and they're all a big part of the expansion.

Raids get a new Heroic difficulty

Gone are the days of 40-man raids, which are getting harder and harder. This allows players to perform the same raid multiple times on various difficulties.

In addition to Normal difficulty, which is usually considered the base and can be completed by a group of 10 or 25 players, there is now a new step on top. With 10 or 25 players in mind, Hero Mode gives bosses extra toughness to make them more challenging.

Buffs become raid-wide

Although a bit niche compared to the other features originally introduced in WotLK, the buff changes became team-wide, and more specifically, the buffs came from shamans or something.

This frees teams from having to have multiple shamans in multiple parties to benefit the likes of melee, and teams can now use just one, allowing for better team composition.

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WotLK Gold is more important to WotLK Classic players

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