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​MMOSO WotLK - Official Preview of WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic Death Knight


Blizzard officially released a full preview of Wrath of the Lich King Death Knight on the official World of Warcraft website Released Classic. Learn more about how the "DK" is built and mechanisms such as presences, runes, runic power, and runeforging below.

Hero, this is what you used to be. You bravely stood in the shadows and bought another sunrise for the world with your life. But evil is not so easy to defeat; the victories you win easily slip through your fingers.

WotLK Classic Death Knight Official Preview

The Lich King's armies pose a constant threat to all life in Azeroth. His most terrifying minions are the Death Knights - the undead enforcers of the Lich King's will.

Unlike the mindless foot soldiers of the Scourge, Death Knights are fallen heroes of Azeroth who have been raised to the undead, serving the Lich King for eternity. As the top heroes in World of Warcraft (buy now), they start their adventures at a higher level than other classes and begin their adventures in their class-exclusive introductory experience.

How to create a Death Knight?

Once the content update goes live ahead of WotLK Classic's release, you'll be able to create and play as Death Knight characters. How this works:

You can create the first Death Knight in each realm without any restrictions.

Except for the first Death Knight, other Death Knights require a level 55 character in the same realm. You can only have one Death Knight per realm.

Death Knight

Death Knight Features

The Death Knight in the classic Wrath of the Lich King is quite different from the Death Knight in the modern World of Warcraft. Here's a little reminder of their original functionality:


Death Knight has three different beings to choose from, each with their own rewards. Only one Presence can be active at a time. The new Death Knight starts with the blood aura and learns the other two auras as they level up.

Blood Presence: Increases damage dealt by 15% and heals you for 4% of direct damage.

Frost Presence: Increases your Stamina by 8%, increases your Armor bonus from items by 60%, reduces damage taken by 8%, and increases the threat you deal.

Unholy Presence: Increases attack speed by 15%, movement speed by 15%, and reduces the global cooldown of all abilities by 0.5 seconds.


Runes boost Death Knight's attack power and recharge over time. Below your character portrait, you'll see which runes are available and when they'll be available again. Most skills require at least one rune. There are four kinds of runes:

Frost Runes (blue) Enhances abilities like Cold Touch, slowing and freezing enemies.

Unholy Runes (green) Boosts the ability to weaken and plague enemies like Plague Strike.

Blood runes (red) enhance abilities like Blood Strike, which can drain enemies or amplify your ailments.

Death Runes (purple) can be used like any other type of rune, effectively giving you more frost, blood or evil runes at your disposal.

runic power

Consuming runes generates runic power. Your accumulated runic power is displayed below your character portrait and above the available runes. Runic Power is used for most of your non-rune-consuming abilities (such as Death Coil), and it decays slowly when you're not in combat.


Death Knights can use a unique method to enhance their weapons called Rune Forging. This process takes place in Rune Forge, such as the Rune Forge in Castle Black in Acherus Castle. These weapon enhancements are mutually exclusive with normal weapon enchantments, as they are more of a Death Knight-exclusive effect, supporting their class and desired playstyle.

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Welcome to the army of the dead

After you've chosen your race, gender, hairstyle, and skin tone, and made the toughest choice -- a name -- you're ready to have Azeroth shudder in front of you. There's just one small problem: you're still at the mercy of the Lich King's will. Now, all you can do is do what any other Lich King's newly awakened undead minions would do: unconditional obedience.

Waiting for a hero

Your Eternal Bound Your epic adventure begins in Castle Black, Acherus, a floating fortress above the Eastern Plaguelands. Your master, the Lich King, will order you to report to his servants and perform trivial tasks like choosing your new weapon and becoming familiar with the Death Knight's identity. Once you've had enough practice with your new skills, you'll be ready for the next phase of your program.

You're with us there's nowhere to run

The Lich King is in pursuit of Light's Hope Chapel. But first he orders you to end the Scarlet Crusade in Havenau below Acherus. Follow your orders, and each time you complete a mission, you'll gain more powerful gear, talent points, your first mount, and other rewards. Keep an eye out for Noth the Plaguebringer in your quests. He'll instruct you to build a Plague Cauldron, which can be used to brew some Killing Brew from North's personal recipe collection. Before leaving the area, allow yourself to be content.

New Avalon in the fog

During your horrific journey through Havinau -- all in the Lich King's name, of course -- you'll end up in New Avalon. There, you'll learn about the Scarlet Crusade's plans to deal with the Lich King's threat. Of course, as unstoppable as you are, you shouldn't have any difficulty crushing their hopes.

Last ray of hope

As you serve the Lich King, you will grow stronger and stronger, and eventually reach his true goal in the region: the Church of Light Hope. After a completely unfair, honorable and balanced battle with the Champions of Light, you will find that your will is yours again and you need new allies. Your days as Azeroth's most famous villain servant are over. Return to Acherus in Castle Black, steal her from the Lich King, and begin the rest of the journey as a free Death Knight.

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