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​MMOSO WotLK - How long does it take for a player to reach level 80 in WoW WotLK Classic?


The Lich King Wrath again! World of Warcraft Classic players around the world are landing in Northrend today and experiencing Wrath of the Lich King once again, and classic players new and old have found themselves wondering how long it will take them to reach level 80 and start experiencing WotLK's final game possible.

To be honest, the answer to this question is not simple. A brief history of WoW Classic tells us that expectations for "old school" World of Warcraft content have changed a lot over the years. Thanks to new optimization techniques and balancing strategies, processes that used to take weeks now take days or even hours. Additionally, your skills, familiarity, and chosen class greatly affect the specific level-up time. Players vary widely in variables in key areas, and following the same upgrade path will yield different results.

Having said that, we do have a good idea of how long it would take you to get to WotLK's level cap, based on common factors, basic methods, and available pre-patch data. Here's what you need to know.

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic: How long does it take to go from level 70-80?

It takes about 24-48 hours for most players to go from level 70 to 80 in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The somewhat extreme gap between these estimates can be attributed to a variety of factors.

First, this 24-hour estimate is only for experienced players using optimized strategies and specialized courses. Even so, that's probably a pretty generous estimate. Additionally, that time can be greatly affected by server issues and other player congestion factors that will inevitably slow down your progress. Granted, some estimates suggest that the speed clearer might be able to go from 70 to 80 in 20 hours, but that particular estimate is based on a ton of things in the player's favor.

A "normal" WotLK player may take 35-48 hours to go from level 70 to level 80. Even such estimates are based on the assumption that you won't get lost along the way or run into all kinds of factors that work against you. The WotLK leveling process is actually pretty friendly (more on that later), but you know what they think about the best plan. Even so, as long as you consistently complete missions and engage in team content when available, you should be able to hit the new level cap in less than three days of gameplay.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic: How long does it take to go from level 1-80?

There may be veteran players interested in leveling up their characters from scratch to celebrate the release of Wrath of the Lich King (or)... well, you're not alone. Whether players want to level up to a new class that's more suitable for expansion, or just want to experience the whole World of Warcraft again, going from level 1 to 80 isn't as crazy as it seems.

However, this process will take you quite a while. Some early level 1-80 level-up time estimates suggest it would take the average player about 150 hours to reach the new level cap from scratch. However, I generally think the time it takes to go from 1 to 80 in WotLK is about more accurate than the time it takes to go from 1 to 60 in WoW Classic.

However, before you can seriously consider this estimate, there are some key factors to consider. First, those with friends from level 1 to 80 will have an easier time reaching the level cap within 200 (or 150) hours. Upgrading with friends often has to be easier, especially for those trying to work through legacy content that may or may not currently support a large number of active participants.

I want you to play as a hunter, mage or other class that is good at AOE/pet-based single-player leveling. Otherwise, you'll run into small obstacles along the way, which will only get worse if you can't join the occasional dungeon group.

What is the fastest way to level up in Wrath of the Lich King Classic 1-80?

First, I highly recommend consulting a professional guide on the subject. A lot of people put a lot of effort into optimizing the WoW leveling run, and anyone looking to step through the leveling process should really consider taking advantage of their massive effort. Specifically, I highly recommend these guides from Icy Veins or these guides from Legacy WoW for more information on the specifics of each optimized upgrade process.

In general, though, you should know that WoTLK is designed to simplify the basic leveling process. While the Burning Crusade upgrade process is much faster than in Warcraft Classic due to the expansion's logical quest progression system and area improvements, WoTLK takes these ideas to the next level. Any player can easily start the quest line of the new expansion and follow the path all the way to level 80.

That being said, anyone looking to speed up the leveling process will want to add some dungeons to their experience. In WotLK, the gap between leveling up through quests and running through dungeons has become shorter, but dungeon runs are still the best way to go. But, as always, these games require you to play with a group of fairly capable players whose schedule matches your own as closely as possible.

Most WoW players end up relying on a mix of quests and dungeon runs, since the average person has a hard time finding a team that fits their needs. The good news is that the game is designed to accommodate that strategy, so you'll hit the level cap in roughly "average" time with this method.

Finally, some classes are still better at leveling than others, although the gap between classes is narrowing. Mages and other AOE classes can still take advantage of valuable "farming" points, although this approach may be most appealing to those looking to level up a particular class as quickly as possible. Everyone else can enjoy the fact that WoTLK has the easiest upgrade system to date.

Wrath Classic has been officially launched, and the server is full. will continue to provide you with the Wrath Classic Guide, if you want to see other guides, return to MMOSO's news page. Players who need to Buy WotLK Classic Gold can click here directly.



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