​MMOSO - How to Get Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo in WotLK Classic

Returning ahead of WoW Classic's release of its Wrath of the Lich King expansion, one of MMORPG's most popular holiday events, the Brewfest. Azeroth's contribution to Oktoberfest, Brewfest, returns to World of Warcraft: Classic every year because the festival that lets players drink and celebrate is back.

Alliance players can find their Brewfest camp in the foothills outside the Gates of Ironforge. Instead, Horde players can find their Brewfest camp on the west side outside the Gates of Orgrimmar. Additionally, every major city has beer gardens, including Shattrath, where players can buy food, beer, and other beverages.

Each camp has a designated primary quest provider: Ipfelkorfer Ironkeg for the Alliance and Tapper Swindlekeg for the Horde. From there, players will be able to expand into other missions.

Brewfest in WotLK Classic

WotLK Classic Brewfest Start Date

The WoW Classic WotLK Brewfest celebration will take place on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, and will run until Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Players can expect the Brewfest celebration to take place in-game after weekly reset maintenance scheduled to begin at 10AM EST and end at 11AM EST. The length of this server downtime is a rough estimate based on previous server downtime, meaning servers can come online before or after the time Blizzard has allotted.

This holiday season offers players a lot to enjoy, allowing players to complete quests and daily quests for a slew of rewards. Everything from cosmetics to plenty of alcoholic beverages is on the table. Of all of them, perhaps the most valuable rewards, Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo. Knowing this, it's time to get the Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo mounts.

How to get Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo WoW Classic

Similar to other festivals in World of Warcraft, such as Halloween for Halloween and Valentine's Day Love is in the Air, players can go out and about and complete quests to earn rewards. Most importantly, however, they can go and defeat holiday-specific bosses that drop mounts. Brewfest, like the aforementioned holiday, also has a holiday-specific boss, Coren Direbrew.

Like Frost Lord Ahune during the Midsummer Fire Festival, Coren Direbrew is a boss that players can defeat for a slew of rewards, two of which are Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo.

Players can find Coren Direbrew in the Grim Guzzler at Blackrock Depths as he drinks with other patrons, perfectly symbolizing the holiday season. Each person can only be summoned through the Insult Coren Direbrew daily quest once per day.

Also, if players can get the Great Brewfest Kodo, but still have a soft spot for the Swift Brewfest Ram, they have another option. Players can purchase the "Honorary Brewmaster" hand stamp at a designated location (Brewfest Camp) for 600 Brewfest Coins.

The "Honor Brewer" hand seal provides the player with the quest to start, Brewfest Riding Rams. Completing the quest rewards players with the right to purchase the Brewfest and Swift Brewfest Ram mounts. The former is a ground mount at 60% speed, while the latter is an Epic ground mount at 100% speed.

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