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​MMOSO POE - What are the best ways to make Currency in POE Lake of Kalandra?


The new Kalandra Lake League has released some new features, content, rewards and mechanics, you're certainly no stranger to POE currency and maps, which can be quite different in the game's coins and coins. Check out this POE 3.19 Currency Farming guide for the best 4 currency crafting tips for beginners to boost your currency generation in the first few days after the POE Kalandra Lake League launches.

POE Currency

The first currency crafting method in POE Lake of Kalandra is Harvest

This season, Harvest has been redesigned so that, instead of giving Crafting at the end of each episode, it now provides Vitality, and this Vitality can be used in Quarter Crafting Stations for everything previously obtained through Harvest. This creates an economy where people go to farm the harvest for life force and then sell it to people who want to use it. The price of vitality has also skyrocketed due to a strategy that has become popular recently, making this only more profitable. In terms of what we want to do for our trees, we want to collect all the harvest records, especially Harleylin, and then the harvest and the rebound of the harvest, we're going to put a guaranteed harvest section on all of our maps, which means we don't need to pick up calls to grow. The rest of the tree can be anything you want. This method is great because you can add it to whatever you're currently doing for about 15 points or so, and just use it as an extra money boost per map.

For parts, we'll simply use the map that contains the Sacred Forest and Duplicate Vitality. There are three versions of this compass, one for blue, purple and yellow plants, they are all about the same value, the yellow one is worth around 30c, but our total cost per map will be about 20 between the two compasses mess. As for What you want to do with your map, you can simply go out for a walk, or do exactly what you've done before. But one thing that might be considered is shaping the valley, and running fate favors the brave, as both quantity and pack size will affect how many harvest monsters you get and how much life force you end up with. All you do in harvest is you go to plots, you choose whichever plot you want to do and kill it. There is an order you want to follow when it comes to colors to make the most money. Currently, yellow is the most valuable, followed by purple, then blue, by far the cheapest. The monsters you see above each episode will have different colored names, some will have very light gray names, some will have white names, and then some will have light blue names. The color of their name will determine their rarity, which will also determine how much life force they give and how often. In general, you want to choose the episodes with the most blue-named monsters, because those are almost always guaranteed to be alive, and should give you a few hundred each time. With that in mind, you'll also want to choose based on color, so obviously if you have a yellow patch with a blue monster, you'll want to choose a blue or purple patch. But if you have a yellow plot with no blue-named monsters, but a purple plot with blue-named monsters, you'll still choose the purple plot, as that will give you more essence, which should be worth the more confusion. given the plot. The price of Vitality is very subjective and will change based on the current popularity, so you should look at the prices of all Vitality and make a decision based on that price at any given point in the season.

Blight is more like a way to get Currency in POE 3.19

What we're going to do is the Blight map. The Bligh map is probably the most interesting content, but it makes for a very substantial and consistent profit with little to no effort. All we have to do is buy a level 14 or higher Blight map, this is because the higher the map level, the better our chances of getting gold and silver oil. Bring us considerable profit growth. We just paint the map with three kinds of dark red oil, which will give us 30 lucky chests per map, which means if a chest is lucky, it will re-roll the loot twice and give you better results. So if a chest is going to roll armor, but luckily it re-rolls itself, and it may re-roll into the currency chest. This will greatly increase your profits. One option would be to possibly add a teal oil or two, which would speed up the spawn rate of the Blight monster, making it faster, but also making it harder to handle. So use your own judgment to find a good medium that works best for you.

The last thing to mention is that every blade map you run should be broken, which sometimes means you break some of them and you can sell them to others. We should always be corrupt because running a corrupt Blight map has the chance to give you tainted oil, tainted oil is worth a lot of money and can give you a lot of extra passive income on top of what you're already doing. You Can choose epidemiology, which increases modifiers on your Blight map, which means you get more lucky chests, but it also means the map is harder, which is good because the Blight map scales down the amount. You can also use distilling fungus, it will give you oiled jewelry and an oil extractor, there is a filter leaf filter that specifically filters your ring, showing you only those parts that contain silver or gold oil as anointing oil. Then what you can do is you can use the oil pump to have a 50% chance of getting back the gold or silver oil, which can give you a little extra profit. If you are having trouble dealing with Blight disease, you can simply smear your ring. reconnaissance towers are recommended, after you get about 5 or 6 scout towers can give you almost an easy fix for Blight disease, they can handle everything on their own, if he smears your two rings with the increased scout tower damage, they Will cause more than 50% damage, and will be very unpleasant. The start of each Blight is going to be a bit difficult, but all you really want to do is go out and kill as many monsters as possible to get as many points as possible to quickly build more scout towers, you just have to realistically put each lane reduction 3 or 4 and they should be able to kill everything else. After a minute or two, all you really have to do is sit at the pump and kill any bosses that come close.

One thing about Blight is that a fair amount of passive Chaos damage is happening, so you may want to run pantheon for arakaali and sub-pantheon for shakari to get some poison damage reduction and chaos damage over time. If you don't have high Chaos resistance, the most terrifying thing about Blight is the Venom Spider boss, which shoots a giant poison cone that will kill you quickly if you don't know it. On top of that, there's a massive Minotaur boss that charges you and can kill you with one shot if you don't have a lot of armor. Other than that, it's pretty AFK and you don't really need to do much. Once the blade is over, you just walk around and loot all the chests, you have a high chance of finding gold or silver oil, you also get quite a bit of passive loot, including essences and raw currency, and you're on average, you put roughly two to three times the amount you put into each map. It's not the highest hourly earner, but you can expect anywhere between two and four gods, depending on how lucky you are and how much cyan oil you can run to get through Blight disease faster. Overall, this is a great way to make easy money with Kalandra POE 3.19.

Trials are a great way to earn additional passive income

The last fun thing we can do on the map for a lot of money at the moment is one of the reworked notes this season, the Labyrinth Notes, this note has Trials of Glory, giving your labyrinth trials a 20% chance to reward Improved goddess offering, and all the notes that lead to it increase your chances of experimenting in the map. These modified goddesses are what the labyrinth wants, there are 3 different versions, 2 of them are currently 20c each, and one of them is almost a demigod. It's a great way to earn additional passive income and only requires four points. Most people find their way to this area of the tree anyway, and for four points you have the chance to make a holy one. The good news is that when you come across a trial on the map, it will specifically say if it gives you a normal trial or an improved product, and the portal will be all yellow and glowing too. So that means you don't have to go and check every trial to see if you're going to make extra money. Worst case you get 20c, best case you do a holy thing for it, and that is only a 1 in 3 chance of getting a holy devotion worthwhile. Four points, this is absolutely superb, you can absolutely do this in every one of your passive trees from now on, just for the passive income it provides! Be sure to use this best method to grow currency in POE 3.19 Kalandra Lake.

Sextant Rerolling is one of the most important ways to make money in Path of Exile 3.19

But most people don't really realize its importance to the economy. This is something you can easily do in your hideout, it only takes a few hundred messes or even a few gods to start, and you can easily make a lot of money without leaving your hideout or killing anything. All this requires a bunch of Awakened Sextants, you have four empty areas, if you need to get your empty areas and you haven't finished them, you can simply find on TFT to do it, it can cost around 150 chaos or so Get a carry for all four Void Gems. Another thing you need on your atlas tree is the lasting influence that will turn your compass from three used to four used and four used compasses are really the only ones sold Stuff that most people don't want to bother buying three for. Make sure you don't forget this or you won't make money. All we have to do is send our parts and spam to an empty rock with some blocking and then use the surveyor's compass to store any interesting parts that come up. To start this all you have to do is scroll through your void area until you get some very specific modifiers. So what we're looking for is increased chaos damage, increased physical damage and any temple effects. The reason we want this is that these are the most common, and if we had these on our three void gems, this would block a lot of possible Sextant modifiers. This will give us a higher chance of finding what we want. After that just take the awakened part and roll on the void stone where we didn't put anything, it will take you a little while to learn what to keep and what not to keep, but once you find the good stuff all you have to do is simply Use your survey compass and store it.

So, you only used two Chaos Compasses and got duplicate badges and shards, and if you check the price, you'll see that it's worth between 10 and 15 Chaos, but you can easily take 15 Chaos price sells it and then sells more in bulk. All of this is just the simple mass buying part, just stick with it and you'll quickly learn what's worth it and what's not. You have Shaper, which is worth 40 Chaos, so to explain briefly, maybe you made 70 Chaos with those two compasses. There is a time when you can do this very quickly and you can learn what's worth it and what's not, this can be up to 7 artifacts per hour depending on how fast you can go and how many parts you can buy from others. It's not a glamorous and boring thing to a lot of people, but if you need some way to make money, if your build doesn't work, if it's currently bricked but you have some money, there's really nothing you can do about it, this is a very easy way to farm currency in POE 3.19 Kalandra Lake.

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