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Lost Ark beginner class - Tips, Skills, and Considerations |


The Lost Ark is an Action MMO game with PVP mode as its main form of expression. Tips, Skills, and Considerations in the game you need to know in advance.

General Beginner Tips

Lost Ark is an action-adventure game where you first need how the game works and the different classes. has prepared some FAQs for the experts to help you learn more about the game. We also offer Lost Ark Gold For Sale service. Welcome to come and enjoy the discount.

lost ark beginner images

Maximum Game Level: The maximum character level is level 60.

Free reset skills: special skills, free to reset skills at any time, you can get a different experience.

Level settings: Combat Level, Gear Score, and Your Account Roster. Used to record the player's valuable information in the game.

Game pets: obtained through quests in the first main hub town, pets are free. Pets are mainly used to collect loot, although high-level pets also provide small buffs.

Game Skills: Different zone servers have different unlocking skills. LOST ARK has a total of 5 regional servers: US East, US West, EU Central, EU West, and South America. Don't confuse them.

Course Guide: Select and take courses. This is the lucky bag of the game for all novice players. Be sure to participate. it is very helpful for newbies.

The game supports multiple currencies: Blue Crystals, Silver, Gold, Pirate Coins, Pheons, Rift Shards, Carnelians, on and on.

Character creation and customization

At the beginning of the game, you need to create a character as a start. Lost Ark has Five Major Classes which are Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, and Assassin. Each character has its unique skills that players can decide for themselves.

Warrior: A classic melee DPS class.

Martial Artist: Good at melee combat, with high mobility and massive damage.

Gunner: Good at long-range warfare. the general weapons are guns and artillery.

Mage: Has a summoning skill. Generally used as an auxiliary function in the game.

Assassin: Mysterious high-risk occupation.

Leveling Task

lost ark pvp competition

Leveling is an important part of Lost Ark. Much of the gameplay revolves around endgame daily quests, raids, and PvP content. If you want to get to level 50 as quickly as possible, please simplify the main quest. It takes about 15-20 hours to reach the highest level, depending on your speed. You can choose to have high mobility to pass areas faster. You will be able to use mounts, but this will not be available in all areas.

Lost Ark 4 Different Currencies

Blue Crystals: Available through in-game rewards and separately purchased currency. They can be used to buy skins, certain potions, and some other enhancements and buffs.

Silver: This is the standard in-game currency you earn by completing missions, looting chests, and killing enemies. This gold coin can be used to support your travels. If the weapon is damaged, it can also be repaired.

Gold: This is the top currency in the Lost Ark, and you can earn it by exploring islands, abyss raids, raids, and more. Items to upgrade your character require gold coins. This is essential. So the more gold, the better the game progress. You don't have to worry too much about it until you end the game content.

Pirate Coins: These coins are accessed when you start completing daily and weekly island/voyage missions, which you can complete across multiple characters on the same server. You use them to buy additional materials.

Beginner's Dungeon Guide

Lost Ark Assassin

Dungeon levels are primarily driven by storylines. There are hard modes and normal modes to choose from. You are a novice player, so there is no need to choose the hard mode. Completely completing the game is the ultimate goal.

Complete dungeons in normal mode to speed up your leveling up.

You can complete dungeons alone or with friends.

Once in the dungeon, you can't use mounts, but you can jump over certain enemy groups. They will not follow you indefinitely.

Most dungeons have a large raid boss at the end of the dungeon.

You can find my check scroll secret dungeon in some locations.

PvP Guide

PvP is an important part of the final stage, and you must reach level 50 to participate in PvP. As a beginner, working on refreshing skills is the main thing. If you want to try the Versus mode, you can start at level 26 and play PvP in the current live patch of Lost Ark. If you can live with the PvP battle mode, go ahead and play in the Versus mode. If the battle is difficult, please continue to hone your combat effectiveness and work hard to improve your weapon attributes.



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