​How to farm New World Coins quickly and efficiently?

Although New World has not been released yet, in the past few months, the popularity of New World has continued to rise. As you know, it will be officially released on September 28, so stay tuned.

New World

In MMORPG, there is almost no exception to the need to plant coins, and the Main New World Currency is New World Coins, which can increase your extra income and  increase your proficiency level. What we want to say today is how to quickly and effectively Plant New World Coins.

Before that, we must be clear about what New World Coins can buy specifically.

New World Coins can be used to buy better equipment, new weapons, cosmetics, and even improve your proficiency. This is an inevitable topic for any MMO player.

There are mainly the following ways to obtain New World Coins:

1. Auction house transactions. As you explore and explore the island of Aeternum, you will get a lot of loot. You may not all use these trophies. You can buy and sell these trophies at auction houses to obtain considerable income. There are also differences in the price of items. If you want to make a considerable profit from this method, you need to cultivate some rare and powerful items.

2. Collect resources. Usually, the economy in New World is not always balanced. Collecting is a very easy task, but it is very time-consuming. You can consider selling the collected resources in due course. Collecting rare resources may be difficult, but the rewards are worthwhile.

3. Sell loot or equipment. You will be rewarded for killing the mob, and you can consider selling these items to suppliers to ensure a substantial profit. The higher your level, the better you can fight with higher-level monsters, the better the patented products, and the higher the value.

4. Crafting. This will be the most difficult way for new players to earn New World Coins. In the beginning, your crafting expertise is very low. However, as your skills improve, you can make higher-level weapons and equipment, which is worth persisting in the long run.

In addition, there is a more convenient way to obtain them, which is to buy new world coins from reliable suppliers such as MMOSO outside the game to obtain them quickly. Currently New World is still in the Closed Beta stage. If you want to learn more about New World, please bookmark MMOSO.com to avoid missing information.


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