​World of Warcraft Classic Beginner's Guide

If you are a newcomer to WoW Classic or a returning player, you must enter the game with a sense of exploration for WoW Classic. WoW Classic has many similarities with the previous World of Warcraft but also has many unique features. No matter which faction you belong to, don't underestimate the enemy.

World of Warcraft Classic

Monsters in WoW Classic are difficult to kill, and not all classes can defeat them equally. For most types of damage, one person will suffer a loss if one does not easily deal with more than one enemy at the same time. Primarily healers simply cannot kill the mob in time.

Team up to kill Monsters

It is best for beginners not to fight alone. It is a wise choice to kill monsters with their companions. Team killing monsters won't help you reach level 60 as quickly as possible, but it does make you feel relaxed when killing monsters.

Find Guild

The formation of guilds in Classic has a long history. Players can discuss the progress of the game in the chat forum and discover missions and dungeon groups. In order to join one, you must first receive an invitation, which will eventually be prompted on your game screen. You can also say goodbye to the guild at any time by typing /gquit.

Choose the right ammunition and reagents!

If you are a hunter, thief, and warrior and other long-range weapon professions, you must choose the correct ammunition and reagents. Players use trading skills at city suppliers to buy or create bullets or arrows and store them before leaving the town.

Some spells used by warlocks require soul fragments, which they obtain by killing creatures and then absorbing souls. It's a bit like getting free ammunition.

Select Mount

Mounts can help players increase walking speed. When you reach level 40, you can train and buy an amount suitable for your race. When you reach level 60, you are eligible to purchase epic mounts, which will be faster.

Mounts are one of the most expensive items. Different types of mounts require different WOW Classic Gold. This is related to your character level.  The higher the level, the greater the amount of WOW Classic Gold you will win. Therefore, if you have not reached level 60, you can choose to buy tbc classic gold from stores such as MMOSO.com, which can quickly increase your character level. I wish you an ideal mount.


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