​How to complete task Act I to reach Act II

The newbie guide written before has introduced the completion steps of the first three tasks in Act I, and now falls on the completion of the next three tasks to reach Act II. Players with enough time in the game may already be ahead of many others in the speed of completing the task, but checking the strategy can avoid unnecessary deaths so as to pass the tasks more quickly.

How to complete Quest 4: The Countess?

Level 8-10 is required by Quest 4 for players. Then you go to Stony Fields to find a pedestal and receive the task or kill Countess directly to complete the task instead of receiving it. Transmitted to Dark Wood, ahead towards the Black Marsh, you can find The Forgotten Tower. Within a wall-like old castle, there is a ladder, following it into the tower, five floors in total. On the fifth floor, you will meet Countess. Kill her as the task completed. Countess is the main source of D2 Resurrcted Runes. Certainly, you can buy d2r runes on MMOSO.

How to complete Quest 5: Tools of the Trade?

Level 12-15 is required by Quest 5 for players. This task firstly requires players to find blacksmith Charsi and talk with him. Then Charsi will ask you to find the hammer in the barracks and hand it to him. To find the hammer, you need reach the Tamoe Highlands from Black Marsh and sucessfully find it in Barracks of the Monastery. The rewards of this task is that Charsi will make magic items for you.

Plenty of potions need to be prepared by players for timely use because this level is rather awkward. Bone Mages and Bone Archers are upgraded mobs.

How to pass Quest 6: Sisters to the Slaughter?

The final task of Act I is quite cumbersome. It requires players to reach level 14-16 and finish three levels. Players arrive at the Jail from the Barracks, then enter the Catacombs at the Inner Cloister. Here you will meet new monsters. There are Arachs, the Banished, Afflicted, Ghouls, and Rat Men. When you arrive at the fourth floor of the Catacombs, you must release a TP and make fully preparations. Before fighting with the final boss Andariel, you should take some time to clear out the monsters elsewhere. When you encounter Andariel, you can attack it directly with potions prepared before. After completion successfully, you can enter Act II.

The last three tasks are more difficult. Players can Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items to make full preparations, and  buy D2 Resurrected Runes at MMOSO later.


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