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Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Guide — Five Best Items And Runeword You Need To Know In D2R


When we were playing Diablo 2 Resurrected, the game always provided us with a lot of items, some of which we never used, but very unusual Diablo 2 Resurrected Items. In today's guide, we'll introduce the five new rune words and items in D2R that you should know to help you farm better.

1. D2R Gear - Howl


Sends Nearby Monsters

Scrambling Away In Fear

Current Skill Level: 15

Mana Cost: 4

Radius: 12 Yards

Life: 4234

Monster Runs Up To 62.6 Yards

Duration: 17 Seconds

In Diablo II Resurrected, Howl causes monsters in the area of effect to flee, much like the Terror Curse. As Super Uniques, bosses and players are immune to Howl, which is useful when players want to get rid of their minions or monsters that disrupt PvP duels.

2. D2R Gear - Laying Of Hands

Laying Of Hands

Bramble Mitts

Defense: 87

Durability: 12 Of 12

Required Strength: 50

Required Level: 63

10% Chance To Cast Level 3 Holy Bolt On Striking

+ 20% Increased Attack Speed

+ 350% Damage To Demons

+25 Defense

Fire Resist +50%

The Disciple


Dark Adherent

Pite Of Passage

Laying Of Hands

Telling Of Beads

Laying of Hands is on this list mainly due to its battled heal, increased attack speed, and huge bonus damage against demons making these gloves invaluable for physical fighters.

3.  D2R Runeword - Vengeance


Fire. Lightning And Cold Damage Are Added

To Each Successful Attack

Current Skill Level: 4

Attack Rating: + 50%

Fire Damage: + 88%

Cold Damage: + 88%

Cold Length: 3 Seconds

Lightning Damage: + 88%

Mana Cost: 4.7

Vengeance causes the user's attacks to deliver additional fire, lightning, and cold damage in addition to normal melee attacks. Due to the multiple damage types, it guarantees to deliver at least some damage to any monster on Hell difficulty, regardless of immunity. Now let's try some Frenzy and put some more points in it.

4. D2R Runeword - Death Cleaver

Death Cleaver

Berserker Axe


One- Hand Damage: 136 To 402

Required Dexterity: 49

Required Strength: 128

Required Level: 7o

Axe Class - Very Fast Attack Speed


+40% Increased Attacks Speed

+280% Enhanced Damage

-33% Target Defense

+66% Deadly Strike

+9 Life After Each Kill

Ethereal (cannot Be Repaired). Socketed (1)

In addition to the characteristics of high damage output, attack speed, and lower enemy defense, the main advantage of the Death Cleaver is the Deadly Strike ability. With its high Deadly Strike chance, this item is highly sought after by duelers.

5. D2R Runeword - Kingslayer


Berserker Axe


One- Hand Damage: 80 To 237

Durability: 26 Of 26

Required Dexterity: 59

Required Strength: 138

Required Level: 64

Axe Class - Very Fast Attack Speed

+30% Increased Attack Speed

+234% Enhanced Damage

-25% Target Defense

20% Bonus To Attack Rating

+33% Chance Of Crushing Blow

+50% Chance Of Open Wounds

+1 To Vengeance

Prevent Monster Heal / 177

10 To Strength

40% Extra Gold From Monsters

Socketed (4)

In D2R, the Kingslayer is a very powerful weapon in the hands of any physical fighter specializing in swords or axes or a Barbarian Warrior. It provides a fairly high chance of Crushing Blow and Open Wounds, while the +1 to the Vengeance skill allows it to deal with a lot of elemental damage. Its main disadvantage is that the cost is very high, and ordinary players cannot complete it.



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