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​MMOSO POE - Path of Exile 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum League Start Currency Farming Guide


Path of Exile Forbidden Sanctum League start is a great time to make yourself a lot of money. In this POE 3.20 currency farming guide, we wanted to put together some quick tips on what you might want to choose to do at the start of your alliance, designed to help you understand when you hit the map.

Path of Exile currency is not based on real world currency. Selling items is the most efficient way to earn POE coins in League Start. The tools and gadgets required for the various buildings and stages vary. When selling to a merchant, expect low prices. Earn money by trading products with other players for cash. Next, we detail the 5 best ways to farm currency in Path of Exile 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum.

Tip 1 - Catarina

Betrayal isn't an interesting place where early in the league, everything comes down to the specific uniques you can get from it. There are five uniques that you can get from killing the Syndicate Mastermind and you'll always get one of these.

Devouring Diadem

The Devouring Diadem is incredibly good early in the league.

Cinderswallow Urn

Cinderswallow Urn and Bitterbind Point which is generally not wanted very much at all.

Queen's Hunger

The Queen's Hunger is also generally not wanted very much.

Cane of Kulemak

Cane of Kulemak is very good late in the game. The Queen's Hunger and Cane of Kulemak are drop-restricted to item level 78 plus. This means that Catarina is a unique monster. She needs to be at least level 76 in order to drop these.

Bitterbind Point

Bitterbind Point which is the one that you probably don't want at all is drop-restricted at level 73 plus.

Devouring Diadem Farming Advantages

So what you want to do is get the Devouring Diadem specifically and that's the item that's worth most early at the start of the league. Then run low-tier versions of this encounter. Specifically Tier 1, 2, or 3 Betrayal missions. You do not want to have even a single encounter that is Tier 4 or higher. To achieve this, you'll use two pieces of Atlas support everything that you can get that increases your chances to gain a joint mission on completing a map as a node that gives you 10 safehouse intelligence upon completing a map boss.

When you've done this you're going to be in a good position to work towards doing Catarina encounters back. When you do fight them, you'll get one or two items. You'll either get Cinderswallow Urn which people will want or you'll get Devouring Diadem which is somewhat of a jackpot.

Devouring Diadem Value

Now normally Devouring Diadem is a couple of hundred chaos on the first day or two of the league, falling off pretty hard around days four five, and six. This League will be worth more and the reason for that is that it is just such a good item on trapper builds and especially on poison trapper builds. Seismic trap poison and also hexblast poison traps will be very popular at League Start. As a result, there'll be a lot of people in the market for this powerful item. It can reliably be the best POE 3.20 currency farm.

One important thing to say here though is that this is not something to do as a half-measure. You definitely need to complete your full Catarina runs very early in progression. If you're the sort of player that's going to only get two hours to play after you've gotten the maps during the first weekend. We recommend that you don't follow this POE 3.20 League Start currency tip and go with a different strategy instead. Because this is something that is going to require some degree of time investment.

Tip 2 - Heist

The next strategy of farming League Start currency in POE 3.20 is going to simply be taking advantage of Heist. The first Heist strategy is what's generally called an infinite Heist. Here you use the book of regression recipe which is one scouring orb plus one wisdom scroll is a book of regression. This is like an anti-level-up token that reduces your character level by one when used. You can only use this of course if you've got a free skill point because losing a level does undo your skill point. You can do this and this will reset the vendor window that Whakano is selling. With the infinite Heist strategy, you simply buy all the contracts for Whakano is selling. Then you go and you run them. When you finish you de-level your character and Whakano's Shop will have reset because you will have changed character level. That's all you need to do here.

Tip 3 - Blueprints

Alternately though, you can go into blueprints. There is a list of all of the different blueprints that can drop and what they drop in the way of rewards. There is a large section of the application base that actively hates running Heist. These players are a great resource for you because they are going to be picking up these Blueprints and they're just going to be listing them for sale. What you want to do is snaffle them up by their contracts as well.

Enchanted Armaments

Very early in the league, Enchanted Armaments ones are surprisingly good. These don't hold up the late league. But in the first seven or so days of the league when people are looking for upgrades, Enchanted Armaments give you a choice between five rare items and these will be biased towards very good roles. Sometimes this bias is going to miss and you're going to end up with incoherent roles together.

Thieve's Trinkets or Currency

Then you've got Thieve's Trinkets and Currency. Not so much of a priority here, run the odd one but you're not going to get very much in the way of resources there.

Unusual Gems

Unusual Gems become very valuable later in the league they tend to be good early but not outstanding.

Replicas or Experimented Items

Replicas and Experimented items are fantastic. You can tell by the tile set what the reward is going to be. So a Laboratory Blueprint will always give you Replicas and Experimented Items.

We generally recommend days one to three, the best ones are Replicas and Experimented Items, and Enchanted Armaments. Then in the later parts of the league, Enchanted Armaments falls off really hard, they start to become terrible and Unusual Gems start to become outstanding. These Trinkets and Currency are mediocre all throughout. They're worth running but they're just okay.

Tip 4 - Harbingers

Your next best Path of Exile 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum currency farming option is going to be to farm the new Harbingers. Harbingers are getting buffed in this league. They are now going to drop shards of a Fracturing Orb. This is the new form of the Harvest craft that fractures items. This is potentially going to be a very expensive crafting tool. This is not necessarily so much for day one, this is something to pick up on days four, five, six, and seven. As you start reaching a point where the more experienced 20000 - 30000 players start getting to the point they're crafting serious end-game gear for themselves.

Those people will be the richest players around they will have lots of resources to spend And they will be competing with each other for the limited supply of Fracturing Orbs that are on the market. They're probably going to want quite a large number of them. So turn around and sell them to them you'll be able to make quite a bit of currency out of them. Alternately if you are someone that makes a lot of currency trade for Fracturing Orbs. They're going to be one of the best crafting tools in the game this week.

Tip 5 - Six Link Div Cards

Finally, we've got something that's a little bit more solo self-found oriented. Although we'll still be of use for some trade league players as well and that is just a simple resource. A list of all of the divination cards that grant six link items. Now, these vary in rarity a lot. The ones that we think are more reasonable to self-farm are as follows:


Humility is very reasonable to self-farm Path of Exile currency on League Start 3.20. This is something that you'll definitely be able to do yourself in an afternoon of reasonably casual play or in maybe an hour of more focused play.

Imperial Legacy

You'll be able to farm Imperial Legacy although that will take longer.

The Celestial Justicar (Don't)

Don't try and farm the Celestial Justicar. It is much rarer than you might expect. Every single card is about 15 times as rare as the card humility is. As a result, you will have a bad time trying to farm this.

The Chains That Bind

However, Chains That Bind is very reasonable to solo farm. This is a little bit rarer than Humility but not much and whilst the set size is larger. It is very very reasonable to sell and farm this.

The Dapper Prodigy

Dapper Prodigy is quite a bit rarer than The Chains That Bind but not staggeringly. This is something that is reasonable to self-farm and it also comes in maps that have the sephiroth as well which makes it even better.

The Porcupine

Porcupine is a really self-farmable card.

The Ethereal (Don't)

Ethereal is a trap, don't try and self-harm this.

The Sacrifice (Don't)

Sacrifice is impossible to self farm.

The Warlord (Don't)

Warlord will take a long time to self farm.

The White Knight (Don't)

White Knight is also impossible to self farm.

Vanity (Don't)

Vanity is a bit tricky because it drops in a difficult place to farm and we don't generally recommend it either.

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