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Best Blight Farming Maps in Path of Exile 3.24




Blight farming in Path of Exile 3.24 can be highly rewarding if you choose the right maps and employ effective strategies. This detailed guide will cover the best maps, the optimal Atlas passive tree setup, necessary equipment, and effective anointing strategies to maximize your gains.



Best Maps for Blight Farming

1. Canyon Map

Layout: Canyon offers a straightforward, narrow layout that makes it easier to manage Blight encounters. The linear nature of this map helps control enemy movement, ensuring they funnel towards your defensive towers.

Advantages: The narrow pathways allow for efficient use of stun and damage towers, minimizing the risk of enemies overwhelming your defenses.

Strategy: Place towers at choke points to maximize their effectiveness. Use freezing and empowering towers to control the flow of enemies.


2. Strand Map

Layout: Known for its linear layout, Strand provides a clear path for enemies, making it easier to predict and manage their movements.

Advantages: The predictability of enemy paths makes it simpler to place and upgrade towers effectively.

Strategy: Focus on using high-damage towers like meteor towers, supplemented by freezing towers to slow down enemies.


3. Jungle Valley Map

Layout: This map has a compact and narrow design that clusters enemies, making it easier to deal with multiple lanes.

Advantages: The tight layout means enemies are often grouped together, allowing your towers to hit multiple targets simultaneously.

Strategy: Use a combination of summoning and seismic towers to handle large groups of enemies efficiently.


4. Waste Pool Map

Layout: Waste Pool offers a mix of open and enclosed spaces, providing flexibility in tower placement and enemy management.

Advantages: The varied layout allows for diverse tower strategies, catering to both spread-out and clustered enemy waves.

Strategy: Utilize empowering towers to boost the effectiveness of your damage-dealing towers. Position freezing towers at key points to control enemy movement.


5. Toxic Sewer Map

Layout: The Toxic Sewer map is characterized by its linear and narrow layout, with a sewer pipeline running through the center that serves as the primary pathway for enemies. This map features tight spaces and limited spawn positions, making it ideal for placing blight and forcing a low amount of tendrils.

Advantages: The fast-paced nature of the Toxic Sewer map allows for quick runs, making it an efficient choice for players who want to complete their blight challenges swiftly. The linear layout also simplifies tower placement, as players can focus on strengthening their defenses along the central pathway.

Strategy: Due to the narrow pathway, it is recommended to place towers that deal area-of-effect damage, such as splash or chain towers, to maximize damage output. Placing slowing or freezing towers at the beginning of the pathway can help control the pace of enemy waves, allowing your other towers to deal more damage before they reach the end of the pathway. Additionally, utilizing towers that provide utility, such as heal or empower towers, can enhance the effectiveness of your damage-dealing towers.



Atlas Passive Tree Setup

To maximize the rewards from Blight encounters, focus on the following nodes in the Atlas passive tree:

Epidemiology: This node increases the chance of Blighted maps dropping from chests, enhancing the overall profitability of your runs.

Blight Spawn: Boosts the quantity and rarity of Blighted map drops, making each encounter more rewarding.

Distilled Fungus: Increases the chance for Blight bosses to spawn, offering additional loot opportunities.

Mycelial Swarm: Ensures more Blighted chests and rewards within Blighted maps, significantly boosting your loot potential.


These nodes collectively improve the frequency and quality of Blight encounters, ensuring you get the most out of each map.


Recommended Scarabs and Map Mods

Using the right scarabs and map modifiers can greatly enhance your Blight farming efficiency:


Blight Scarab of Bounty - Makes every Blight chest have a 20% chance to be openable again. You can use up to 2 of these scarabs at the same time to increase this chance to 40%.


Blight Scarab of Blooming - Adds 3 additional bosses to the Blight encounter and converts all tier 14+ Blighted maps into Ravaged Blighted maps. This improved version of Blighted Map normally rarely drops from Blighted Maps which makes them very expensive. This scarab skips this step allowing you to generate a large amount of Ravaged Blighted Maps from regular maps.


Polished Blighted Scarabs - These guarantee an additional Blight encounter in your map, increasing the number of Blighted maps you can run.


Gilded Blighted Scarabs: Offer the highest rewards but are more expensive. Use them strategically to maximize profits.


Avoid Specific Map Mods: Avoid mods like "Monsters cannot be stunned" or "Monster speeds cannot be modified" as they can make Blight encounters significantly harder to manage.


Anointing Blighted Maps

Proper anointing of Blighted maps can make a significant difference in your farming efficiency:

Three Crimson Oils: This is the standard choice for balancing tower costs and rewards.

Two Crimson and One Black Oil: Use this combination if you seek extra rewards while keeping tower costs manageable.

Ember Oils: Use these to reduce tower costs if your build struggles with high tower expenses.


Equipment and Tower Setup

Recommended Gear

Rings: Anoint them with enchants like "Your Meteor Towers create Burning Ground for 3 seconds on Hit" to boost tower effectiveness.

Amulet: Anoint with "Empowering Towers have 50% chance to deal Double Damage" to significantly increase your towers' damage output.


Tower Setup

Level 3 Freezing Towers: Excellent for crowd control, these towers slow down enemy waves significantly, making it easier for other towers to deal damage.

Level 3 Meteor Towers: Provide substantial damage output, especially with the Burning Ground enchant.

Empowering Towers: Boost the damage and effectiveness of surrounding towers, essential for high-damage output.


Running Blighted Maps

1. Preparation: Ensure all your maps are at 20% quality using Cartographer's Chisels, then apply Orbs of Alchemy to make them rare.

2. Tower Placement: Strategically place freezing, meteor, and empowering towers to handle the incoming waves effectively.

3. Handling Waves: Use a combination of towers to stun and slow down enemies while dealing high damage, ensuring the pump's safety.



Blight farming can yield substantial rewards, including high-value oils, Blighted maps, and other valuable loot. On average, you can expect earnings of 25-50 Chaos Orbs per map, primarily from stack decks and oils. High-value drops like Enlighten or The Doctor can significantly boost your profits.



By choosing the right maps, optimizing your Atlas passive tree, using effective tower setups, and managing your gear and anointments, you can maximize your efficiency and profitability in Blight farming in Path of Exile 3.24. This strategy not only helps in generating significant poe currency but also enhances your overall gaming experience by efficiently handling Blight encounters.


Blight farming requires strategic planning and efficient execution, but with the right approach, it can become a highly profitable endeavor. Make sure to adapt your strategy based on your build's strengths and weaknesses, and continuously optimize your setup to maximize your returns. Happy farming!




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