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Amazon Leveling Guide Act 2--Act 5 N (Up to Level 26)




Alright fellow adventurers, let's enhance our journey with some nifty D2R items seamlessly woven into our battles. This comprehensive guide will take you from Level 14 to Level 26, providing you with essential tips on skill point allocation, attribute distribution, playstyle progression, and gear acquisition. Picture yourself gearing up like a seasoned pro, ready to conquer Diablo II Resurrected with style and flair.



Skill Point Allocation--Mastering the Art of Pointing and Shooting

As you hit Level 14, unleash the explosive power of Exploding Arrow--watch enemies go 'kaboom' with each shot. Stick with it steadfastly until Level 21, where you'll wield this skill like a seasoned marksman.


Attribute Allocation----Balancing Act with Finesse

From Level 14 to 16, channel your inner fire into Energy--fueling your relentless onslaught. Transition to Vitality at Level 17, because who wants to be a pin cushion, right?


Playstyle & Progression--Embark on an Epic Quest

In Lut Gholein, snag a Belt from Farah for that extra loot space. Don't overlook Drognan's Bone Shield--a sturdy find for future use. Always have a contingency plan!


Radament beckons, bid farewell to Poison Javelin--it's passé. Craft your Stealth Studded Leather at Level 17--stealth without the cloak.


As you journey through Act 3, consider a Gemmed Cap at Level 19 for added safety. Fashion has its price, after all.


A trustworthy Act 2 Mercenary armed with a Pike from Halbu is your ace against the Grandvizier of Chaos and Colenzo the Annihilator in Act 4.


At Level 20, indulge in some retail therapy at Ormus for a Battle Staff of Teleportation. Refresh his inventory using Waypoints until you find your perfect match.


Press on to Baal, vanquish Izual for bonus points, and confront Eldritch the Rectifier at Level 25 with unwavering determination.


Gear Checklist----Arming Yourself for Success

Belt: Seek one with ample Potion slots--your extended toolbelt for survival.


Bone Shield: Essential for the Runeword Rhyme--a shield with a hidden recipe.


Stealth Studded Leather: Crafted with previously farmed Runes for added stealth.


Gemmed Cap: Reinforce with Ral Runes for safety measures.


Battle Staff of Teleportation: Your gateway to efficiency--shop wisely between Levels 20 and 23.


Optional Breast Plate: A foundation for Peace--a potent offering against formidable bosses.


And there you have it, adventurers! Armed with strategic skill allocation, savvy attribute and Resurrected with finesse. Stay vigilant with your inventory, stash the treasures, and embrace choices worthy of an epic quest. With this guide, you're not just a player--you're a legend in the making. Happy gaming, and may your arrows fly true, leaving a trail of triumphant victories in your wake!




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