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Last Epoch 1.0 Hungering Souls Warlock Build Guide




The Hungering Souls Warlock build in Last Epoch 1.0 is a powerful setup focusing on ignite damage over time (DoT) and low-life mechanics to maximize damage output and survivability. Below is a detailed guide on how to create and optimize this build. Buckle up, folks, because we're in for a wild ride!



Core Skills and Passives

Hungering Souls: This is your main damage-dealing skill. It's essential to enhance it with passives like Decent into Madness for increased damage and Life Hunt for improved casting speed. Nodes such as Soul Swarm are also crucial as they increase the number of projectiles, allowing for more efficient ignite spreading.


Infernal Shade: Used to boost your fire damage. Important passives include Hellfire for enhanced fire resistance and Lingering Flames to extend the duration of ignites.


Transplant: Primarily for mobility and survivability, with passives like Violent Emergence to finish off enemies and Bone Armor for additional defense.


Profane Veil: This skill significantly enhances survivability by allowing you to hide and regenerate health. Key passives include Spirit Plate for damage protection and Unholy Reveal to cleanse ailments and extend the skill's duration.


Chthonic Fissure: Essential for area clearing. Passives like Mantle of Flames increase ignite chance, and Fell Fire helps spread ignites effectively across multiple enemies.


Gear and Items

Key Items

Cuirass of Perseverance: Central to stacking elemental damage over time and increasing ignite chances.

Soul Fire: Ensures Hungering Souls ignites enemies instead of applying other debuffs.

Exsanguinous and Last Steps of the Living: Crucial for the low-life setup, converting missing health into willpower and providing continuous health regeneration.

Frostbite Shackles: Complement the low-life setup, offering increased ward and health regeneration.


Important Stats

Helmet: Focus on increasing levels of Hungering Souls.

Belt: Prioritize elemental damage over time and ignite chance.

Rings: Look for increased elemental damage over time and void resistance.

Idols: Choose those that provide elemental resistance and increased health.

Don't forget to utilize Last Epoch Gold to acquire these essential items and upgrade your gear to enhance your build's effectiveness.



Passive Trees


Blood Aura and Blood Pact: Increase health and damage.

Forbidden Knowledge: Stacks intelligence to boost damage and mana.



Spiteful Decay: Boosts base damage over time.

Chaos Flame: Increases ignite chance.

Occultist's Mind: Provides significant mana from intelligence.

Infernal Lash: Adds substantial ignite chance.


Gameplay Strategy

The core of this build is to use Hungering Souls to maximize ignite damage while maintaining survivability through a low-life setup. Position yourself to cast Hungering Souls effectively, using Transplant for mobility and Profane Veil for defense. Regularly apply Infernal Shade and Chthonic Fissure to enhance damage and efficiently clear mobs.


This build is versatile and can handle various in-game challenges, making it an excellent choice for players aiming to delve deeply into Last Epoch's content. Remember to leverage Last Epoch Gold to keep your equipment top-notch and stay ahead of the competition.



The Hungering Souls Warlock build offers a balanced approach to both offense and defense, leveraging ignite mechanics and low-life strategies to maintain high damage output and survivability. By focusing on key skills, passives, and gear, you can create a powerful Warlock build that excels in various scenarios within Last Epoch 1.0. Use your resources wisely, including Last Epoch Gold, to ensure your Warlock is always at its peak performance.




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