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​Pokemon sword and shield players have the luckiest Max Raid Shiny

Shiny Pokemon has always been an unobtainable wizard. Since a Sword and Shield player discovered the luckiest Shiny ever from Dynamax Adventures Raid in Crown Tundra, it seems that a door is about to open.

In October 2019, Sword & Shield carried out a second expansion-Crown Tundra. Dynamax Adventures mode allows trainers to capture all past Gen Legendaries. Players using this mode show off the perfect Pokemon they have captured

The seventh-generation monster is not only shiny, but the IV value is also perfect. Although capturing variants in this mode has a 100% chance to have shining charm, combinations with perfect statistics are extremely rare.

There are actually 32 possible IVs, because 0 is also a possible tie. This increases the odds of each random IV to 1/32, which means that the odds for this magnificent beast are 1/102400, which is very small and incredible.

This is not the first time a Sword and Shield coach has gone crazy in Gen 8 RPG. Last December, a player managed to hatch two Shiny Koffings back to back from the egg – the odds were 1 in 512!

To say the least, although Crown Tundra's Dynamax Adventures mode has made Shiny Hunt easier than ever, the luck that fans can also get perfect IV statistics with a 0.00098% chance is impressive.

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