• Mirror of Kalandra
    Mirror of Kalandra
    POE Currency
    Stack Size: 1 / 10
    Creates a mirrored copy of an item
    Right click this item then left click an equipable non-unique item to apply it. Mirrored copies cannot be modified.
    Shift click to unstack.

    Mirror of Kalandra


    $120.17$ 126.49

About POE PC Currency


Path of Exile (PoE), a Diablo-like free online RPG, wins international acclaim for its multifaceted fantasy world and decades-long content updates, attracting many a player to come and chase the footsteps left by the game masters. As for further details, you can visit the official site: https://www.pathofexile.com/.

PoE currency

Path of Exile bears a distant resemblance to other free-to-play online RPGs. PoE currency system departs from one single “gold” coin unit by using miscellaneous currencies, like Divines Orbs or Mirror of Kalandra to name a few, as its default unit. PoE orbs play a vital role in enhancing your inventory.

PoE currency for socket

1) Orbs of Fusing: fuse the links of an PoE item

2) Jeweller's Orb: modify the socket's number on an PoE item

3) Chromatic Orb: change the colors of a socket

PoE currency for crafting

PoE Currency for enhancing items:

1) Orb of Augmentation: augment new property onto a magic PoE item

2) Quality Currency: enhance the quality of one item

3) Glassblower's Bauble: boost the quality of a flask

4) Gemcutter's Prism: enhance the quality of a gem

5) Cartographers Chisel: boost the quality of a map

PoE currency for re-rolling mods:

1) Orb of Alteration: randomly re-rolls the modifiers on a magic PoE item

2) Divine Orb: randomly re-roll the values of modifiers on a magic or rare item Hot Item!

3) Chaos Orb (C): randomly re-roll a rare item with new random properties Hot Item!

4) Sacred Orb: randomly re-roll the values of your defense

PoE currency for removing mods:

1) Orb of Scouring: remove all modifiers from an item (except a unique one), make the item normal

2) Annulment Orb: randomly remove one mod from an item

PoE currency for corrupting items:

1) Vaal Orb: it corrupts an item and you need to pay the Vaal Orbs accordingly when you modify the corrupt item

Other PoE currencies:

1) Mirror of Kalandra: create a mirrored copy of a non-unique item.(very unique and no vendor recipe)

2) Stacked Deck: work as a way to obtain random divination card

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How to farm PoE currency?

1. Slay monsters, open treasure chests, or destroy containers

2. Sell items to vendors in cities

3. Convert fragments and shards into currencies

4. Sell PoE orbs/PoE currency to other players/trade PoE orbs or PoE currency with others

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