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WoW Plus introduces a new 10-player raid with an abundance of high-quality gear, including three powerful accessories. The game is worth playing!




Since the announcement of the Season of Discovery (SOD) at Blizzard's carnival, details about this new Vanilla era have been continuously unearthed. The SOD is planned to unfold in four leveling phases: 25, 40, 50, and 60.


The ultimate raid revealed for the first phase at level 25 is the Blackrock Depths in Ashenvale, now adapted for 10-player mode.



According to the latest data mined by the international content creator Hammerdance, numerous powerful new items are discovered in Blackrock Depths, making it a worthwhile endeavor for level 25 players. Three new accessories have been introduced:


1. Acolyte's Void Pearl: +10 Shadow Resistance, boosts healing effects from all spells by up to 15 points.


2. Warlock's Void Pearl: +10 Shadow Resistance, enhances damage and healing effects from all spells by up to 8 points.


3. Avenger's Void Pearl: +10 Shadow Resistance, +10 Attack Power.



These additions provide significant options for level 25 players, filling gear gaps and boosting spell damage, healing, and attack power.


Three shoulder pieces:
- Cloth Shoulders: +4 Intellect, increases Frost damage caused by all spells by 6 points.
- Mail Shoulders: +3 Strength, +11 Stamina.
- Mail Shoulders: +6 Stamina, +5 Defense Rating.

Two bracers:
- Serathis Bracers: Leather, +6 Strength, +3 Stamina.
- Haidasian Bracers: Mail, +5 Strength, +8 Stamina.

- Agile Cloak: +5 Intellect, +6 Spirit.
- Gleaming Scale Cloak: +6 Strength, +6 Spirit, +10 Fire Resistance, +10 Shadow Resistance.

Two necklaces:
- Droplet Necklace: +5 Stamina, +6 Spirit.
- Tide-Rising Necklace: +7 Strength, +4 Agility.

Cloth belt: +8 Stamina, +8 Intellect.

Shield: +13 Strength.

Off-hand item: +5 Intellect, +10 Spirit, +10 Frost Resistance.

Mail pants: +8 Strength, +6 Agility, +7 Stamina.

Cloth chestpiece: +4 Agility, +12 Stamina, +6 Intellect.

Dagger: 16-30 damage, 1.3 speed, 17.7 DPS, +10 Nature damage. On hit: may poison the target, dealing 4 damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.

Bow: 28-49 damage, 2.5 speed, 15.4 DPS.

Polearm: 59-89 damage, 3.0 speed, +8 Agility.

Main-hand mace: 29-48 damage, 2.0 speed, 19.2 DPS, +2 Stamina, +6 Intellect, +4 Spirit.

Two-handed sword: 48-73 damage, 2.5 speed, 24.2 DPS, +1% hit chance. On hit: may unleash a water blast, hitting all enemies in front of you.



Many of these items are enhanced versions of those originally dropped in Blackrock Depths, while others are entirely new designs. Regardless, all of them are powerful, showcasing Blizzard's dedicated design efforts for WoW Classic Plus, making it a highly recommended experience.





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