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Which monsters are difficult to defeat in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

There are some monsters in Diablo 2 Resurrected that are hard to defeat, especially monsters with auras that players can easily die violently once they encounter. In order to give you a better understanding of these monsters, MMOSO has listed a ranking of the difficulty of monsters in Diablo 2 Resurrected for your reference.

Diablo 2 Resurrected's Monster Difficulty To Defeat Ranking  

10. Tomb Viper

The Tomb Viper, also known as the Bug Viper, is always encountered when spawning Nihlathak in Halls of Vaught. The poisonous mist it spewed was considered physical damage, with dozens of points of physical damage per frame, and thousands of damage per second.

9. Nihlathak

If you want to spawn keys, you must be impressed by Nihlathak. Nihlathak is a small boss in itself. It is a necromancer with Corpse Explosion, Teleport, Summon Minion and Arctic Blast skills.

8. Sand Maggot

Here mainly refers to the Sand Maggot monster that can lay eggs.  This type of monster damage is not very high, but there are more and more monsters, which is very painful for the single damage gameplay of Double Heat Paladin.

7. Death Beetle

The difficulty of this monster is that often releases a charged bolt attack when struck, it is highly mobile and has faster hit recovery.

6. Greater Mummy

The difficult thing about Greater Mummy is that it can resurrect and heal other undead monsters. Also, it can attack from a long distance and release poison gas at close range.

5. Succubus

The Succubus flies fast and is very mobile, and it's scary because it casts different curses. They also release the Blood Mana skill, a curse that causes you to damage yourself when you cast spells, and the more mana you need for the skill, the more damage you take.

4. Death Lord

Death Lord moves very fast, attack speed is very fast and getting faster, attack power is very high, and comes with elemental damage. If encountered with a particularly fast, strong, frenzy aura is even more dangerous.

3. Oblivion Knight

Oblivion Knight's terror lies in his skills: Give (heal companions), Bone Armor, Bone Spirit, Decrepify, Lower Resist, Weaken, Life Tap, and Amplify Damage.

Moreover, before the appearance of Oblivion Knights, there will usually be Doom Knights or Abyss Knights in front of them to output resistance damage. Oblivion Knights will hide behind to cast skills, and many of them are cold immune and fire immune monsters. Once cursed, it is easy to die suddenly, and the curse is cleared very troublesome.

2. Willowisp

Willowisp's horror is that it attacks a particularly long-distance, and the lighting injury is particularly high, but also any location to teleport, some location melee can not hit, to some open scenes you basically nowhere to hide.

However, the Willowisp itself is easy to be killed. To restrain the Willowisp, you need to raise the resistance high enough or wear the belt of Thundergod's Vigor, which will increase the maximum lighting resistance and increase the lighting absorption.

1. Stygian Doll

I believe that everyone has experienced the horror of Stygian Doll, a large group of raiding over will let the player die a violent death, or you kill them will also be killed by their corpse explosion, even if you go to pick up the body will be surrounded by the terror of Stygian Doll.

The above is the ranking of monsters that are difficult to defeat in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Be careful when you encounter them in the game, if you want to beat them quickly, you can buy D2R Items at MMOSO to help you.




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