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​Diablo 2 Resurrected Chest Opening Guide


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, there are many ways to obtain D2R Items in addition to fighting monsters MF, among which the safest and lowest investment cost is to open chests. There are two types of chests in D2 Resurrected, namely Sparkly Chests and Normal Chests.

Before opening the chest, if it is a locked chest will check if the player has enough keys on them, If the player's class is Assassin will skip the key check and then perform the following drop calculation.

Normal Chests

Normal Chests drops follow Treasure Class rules, are affected by player MF, and meet the following rules:

1. There is a 25% probability that the chest is empty, not affected by the Treasure Class drop rules, it is an independent calculation and priority calculation.

2. with a locked chest and the quest chest a high probability is not empty unless the definition of the Treasure Class table is empty.

Sparkly Chests

Sparkly Chests is not completely calculated according to the Treasure Class rules but follows the following rules

1. Scheme one, 2% Unique, 4% Set, 6% Rare, in the above three cases, if the generated items meet the generation conditions will only be out of one this item, may get the items will be runes, gold, and other non-magic items, or completely do not meet the conditions can not generate items, then will enter the universal drop scheme.

2. Scheme two, 20% probability, run 10 times magic item drop calculations, or 3 magic items appear, but there may be 0 magic items, if 0 magic items appear, then the universal drop scheme will be carried out.

3. Scheme three, 30% probability, run 10 times magic item drop calculations, or 2 magic items appear, if run 7 times or more calculations, the drop calculation ends.

If there are less than seven times, an additional Treasure Class drop will be made, but this time, the quality will not be limited. If the dropped items are found, they will be counted as one time, and the remaining drop chances less than 7 times will be filled up with gold.

4. Universal scheme, 38% probability, directly run 10 times drop calculations, or 1 magic item appears. When the total number of drops is less than 4, fill up random quality items to make up the 4 pieces.

After that, drop 5 stacks of golds, 2 Potion of Life, and 2 Mana Potions.

The probability totals 100%, so there are almost no empty drops from the sparkly chests.

The trap is then triggered, and the chest is set to have been opened.

The sparkly chests will only appear on preset maps, and will never spawn naturally in maps.

It seems that after Patch 2.4 changes the scenario level of certain maps, the opening of the sparkly chests will bring greater benefits.

Patch 2.4 has been released to the PTR, which has ended as of February 9.

With the end of patch 2.4, players are hoping that the  Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season will come soon. Once the ladder season starts, you can come to MMOSO to buy D2R Items you need, and we will provide relevant gameplay guides, which can allow you to quickly improve your ranking in Diablo 2 Resurrected.



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