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​What changes do we need to know about in Path of Exile Update 3.20.1b?


Path of Exile update 3.20.1b hits the RPG on January 12, and Grinding Gear Games has revealed the patch notes ahead of release. The update also includes the introduction of a Voidborn Locket Key and changes to the way Betrayal crafts work, along with various other bug fixes and tweaks.

Perhaps the most dramatic adjustment in the patch is a change to the way the main affliction Body Count works in the Forbidden Sanctum.

Death Toll is one of the main afflictions that can come from making pacts in Forbidden Sanctum, and previously caused monsters to stop dropping Aureus Coins, a mode-specific currency. However, Grinding Gear Games has clearly decided that this was too generous, as it now causes you to lose 250 resolution after completing eight rooms, making it a pretty heavy hit to the unique resource that keeps you in the Sanctum.


Also introduced with the patch are the Voidborn Reliquary keys. These are functional chests, which can be used to obtain one of a list of unique items. The items were pulled from suggestions submitted by players who purchased the Voidborn support pack, and Grinding Gear Games says it's still working on the submission list to add more items to the pool.

Elsewhere, Path of Exile's ultra-hard Ruthless mode has changed to one of the Atlas tree passives. Imagined Pursuits now causes Cluster Jewels from Delirium rewards to have a 10% chance to be both rare and corrupted, replacing its previous 800% increase in Cluster Jewel rarity from Delirium encounters. Also fixed a bug that allowed Ruthless players to mistakenly obtain the Vaal Venom Gyre ability gem.

Path of Exile Patch Notes – 3.20.1b

Sanctum Changes

The increased body count affliction no longer causes monsters to not drop Aureus Coins. Instead, it now causes you to lose 250 resolves after completing 8 rooms. This change does not affect existing Sanctum runs.

Herald of the Scourge's lightning waves ability now generates more lightning bolts with each wave, although the lightning bolts are now smaller. Slightly increased the delay between each wave and reduced skill damage by 20%.

Improved the visibility of the ground degeneration effect when fighting Lycia, Unholy Heretic.

Added an error message for trying to change your relics while you have an active shrine.

Improvements and Changes

He inserted the key to the Voidborn locket. Voidborn's locket currently has 1231 options for foiled unique items it can produce. We are still working on the Voidborn Supporters shipping list to get the others on as soon as possible.

Improved the description of the unique stat Sandstorm Visage to clarify that it only modifies the critical strike chance of spells and will not affect spells that deal non-spell damage (such as harbingers).

Updated various descriptions to clarify which stats only apply to summon skeletons and which also apply to Vaal summon skeletons (such as Alberon's Warpath mod). The melee skeletons of Vaal summon skeletons are now referred to as "soldiers" instead of "warriors" in the tooltip.

Removed the visual effect that was applied to monsters with modifiers that cause Minions to shoot up, cool down, or explode like lightning on death, as it caused visual issues in some circumstances.

Treachery crafts that recast slot numbers, links, or colors a certain number of times can no longer be used on items with fixed slot numbers, links, or colors, respectively.

The “Equipped” achievement no longer requires a rare or unique item in the relic slot.

Ruthless Specific Changes

Atlas's Passive from Imagined Pursuits on Ruthless now causes Cluster Jewels from Delirium rewards to have a 10% chance to be Rare and Corrupted, instead of an "800% increased rarity of Cluster Jewels from Delirium." Delirium encounters on your maps.

Fixed a bug where the Vaal Venom Gyre could be obtained on Ruthless.

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