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Top 11 Methods To Farming Lost ArK Gold Quickly

Gold is one of the important currencies in Lost Ark, it can be used not only to buy equipment, skins, engravings, potions, and more in the Auction House but also to improve players' gear. So having a lot of lost ark gold is the pursuit of players, this guide will introduce the method of farming Lost Ark Gold, and let you get rich quickly.

By Alts

In Lost Ark, additional characters are probably the easiest way to earn stable gold, and you'll get two powerpasses per account. You can get a lot of honing materials that can be sold in the market from chaos dungeons and guardian rails. While this will slow down your alt progress, it does give you some gold quick.

By Marketplace

There are many things that players get from their journeys that are tradable, especially rare items or items that your character doesn't need, you can get a lot of gold just by checking the market regularly and selling them. To determine if something is valuable, just open the market, then right-click on an item in inventory, and the last view the current price.

By Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons are also an easy way to farm gold, but each character can only run a dungeon once a week, so you can only get gold from Abyssal Dungeons once a week.

By Quests and Islands

As the storyline and island quests progress, we'll notice that some of them will give us gold as a reward. In particular, you can get a lot of gold by completing the island quest chain, of which White Wave Island, Lullaby Island, and Peto are good examples of places to start.

By Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are an island that players can visit once a day on weekdays and twice a day on weekends, but not all islands will provide gold, we can check which islands are through the Procyon’s Eye Compass.

By Rapport With NPCs

Raising friendship with certain NPCs is one of the best ways to earn Lost Ark Gold, players can increase their rapport with each other by performing emotes, sheet music, or completing rapport quests. Thirain, Neria, Ealyn, Avele, and Sasha all have gold Rapport rewards that can be redeemed.

By Una’s Tokens

This is currently one of the fastest and most reliable ways to earn gold in Lost Ark. Once you reach level 50, you'll unlock Una's quests, which are the daily and weekly challenges in the game. Completing these challenges will earn you a currency called Una's Tokens, which you can then convert into gold.

By Masterpieces

While farming these won't be easy, you'll be rewarded with gold at various milestones when you hand them over on Sunflower Island.

By Sailing and Gateway Map Missions

This is also a good way if you're looking to earn coins gold in Lost Ark. The Gateway map is connected to the co-op-focused sailing missions, and when you take part in co-op sailing missions, you'll have the opportunity to earn keys and maps. Once completed these you can get gold.

By Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates is another great source of Gear Honing material, they are endgame events that can only be completed once a day. At the end of the run, players will bid on a map and you will receive a share of that gold in the mailbox.

Rift Pieces

In Chaos Gate players can obtain Rift Pieces, which can be exchanged for secret maps at various vendors. These maps drop honing materials, especially shard bags, which can be very valuable in the market and end up getting you some gold.

The above are the 11 methods to make Lost Ark Gold in the game summarized by MMOSO, hoping to help you become rich. If you don't want to spend time farming gold by yourself, you can buy Lost Ark Gold cheap here, our have 24/7 Live Chat services to help you, let your shopping worry-free.




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