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The Poison Raging Spirits Guardian: Your Fun Guide to POE.




Greetings, Builders! Welcome to a fresh build guide for the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League. Today, Ill walk you through a powerful and popular build in Path of Exile, Poison Raging Spirits (Poison SRS) Guardian. If you started this league with the regular Poison Raging Spirits Guardian, I assure that this is the upgrade youre looking for.


poison-raging spirits-guardian


In Path of Exile 3.24, the Poison Raging Spirits Guardian build continues to be a powerful and resilient choice for players. This build is not only a powerhouse when it comes to dishing out damage but also keeps you relatively safe behind your army of minions.Ready to become the master of poison and spirits? Let's get started!


1. Pros & Cons

This build is known for its high DPS with poison scaling, excelling in dealing substantial damage over time through the combination of Poison and Raging Spirits. Poison damage can rapidly stack and inflict significant damage on enemies, scaling well into endgame with gear upgrades.


In addition, the Poison Raging Spirits Guardian also offers a safe playstyle with minions doing the attacking. It can clear maps quickly and efficiently, making it suitable for both leveling and endgame content. The minions can handle various types of encounters and is effective against both single targets and groups of enemies.


As for cons, this build requires specific gear for optimal performance. So you need prepare for enough poe currency to buy gears and orbs to invest this build. And the minion may sometimes be unreliable.


2. Core Mechanics

The build primarily relies on Poison Damage. Minions can inflict poison, which deals chaos damage over time based on the physical and chaos damage of their attacks. Due to the duration of poison stacks, so multiple hits from minions increase overall poison damage.


With the help of Raging Spirits, you can create flaming skulls that rapidly attack enemies. With Poison support, these spirits can inflict substantial poison damage over time.


Finally, the Guardian Ascendancy provides powerful defensive and offensive buffs to minions and allies, making this build even more effective.


3. Passive Skill Tree

Key Nodes:

1. Minion Damage: Increases overall damage output of your Raging Spirits.

2. Chaos Damage: Scales the poison damage.

3. Minion Life: Helps Raging Spirits survive longer.

4. Duration: Increases the duration of both Raging Spirits and poison.



- Start by picking up the minion nodes near the Templar start.

- Head towards the Witch area for additional minion and chaos nodes.

- Pick up life and mana nodes as necessary for survivability and sustain.


4. Ascendancy Choices

Radiant Crusade: Provides increased damage and defenses while you have at least one minion.

Unwavering Crusade: Grants more defensive and offensive benefits to minions.

Bastion of Hope: Offers block chance and survivability.

Time of Need: Helps with survivability and damage mitigation.


5. Gear

Weapons: Dual-wield wands or sceptres with minion damage, chaos damage, and/or + levels to minion gems.


Helmet: Rare helmet with + levels to minion gems, life, and resistances.


Gloves: Rare gloves with life, resistances, and minion damage.


Boots: Rare boots with movement speed, life, and resistances.


Body Armour:

- Vis Mortis (unique) for increased minion damage and chaos damage.

- Rare body armour with life, resistances, and possibly minion mods.



- Amulet with + levels to minion gems, chaos damage, and life.

- Rings with minion damage, chaos damage, and life.

- Belt with life, resistances, and possibly minion mods.


6. Skill Gems Setup

Main Skill (in a 6-link):

- Summon Raging Spirit

- Minion Damage

- Poison

- Unbound Ailments

- Void Manipulation

- Multistrike or Minion Speed


Support Skills:

- Cast when Damage Taken (low level) + Immortal Call for defense.

- Flesh Offering for increased attack speed.

- Desecrate to create corpses for Flesh Offering.

- Convocation to reposition minions.

- Generosity + Hatred for increased minion damage.


7. Flasks

Life Flask: Instant recovery, preferably with bleeding immunity.

Mana Flask: Instant or enduring, preferably with curse immunity.

Quicksilver Flask: For mobility.

Quartz Flask: For phasing and dodge chance.

Basalt Flask: For physical damage reduction.


8. Playstyle

The playstyle of the Poison Raging Spirits Guardian build involves constantly summoning Raging Spirits for high damage and maintaining distance from enemies. Use Convocation to strategically position minions and avoid danger, gaining control of the battlefield. Keep Flesh Offering active to boost minion attack speed, increasing damage dealt. Utilize defensive flasks and careful positioning to stay alive. Employing these strategies can enhance your chances of winning and help you dominate the competition.


9. Leveling Tips

When leveling up in the game, it's crucial to begin with the Summon Raging Spirit skill. This strategy helps you maintain distance while dealing significant damage. To enhance your leveling experience, focus on nodes that improve minion damage and life early on. These nodes significantly boost your minions' effectiveness, allowing you to clear content faster. Also, utilize any minion-related gear you acquire to further strengthen your minions. By following these tips, you can level up quickly and gain an edge over your competitors.


10. Endgame Goals

In the endgame, your goals should include obtaining a 6-link body armor that supports your main skill setup, upgrading your gear with + levels to minion gems and chaos damage, and fine-tuning your passive tree to maximize poison and minion damage scaling. These objectives enhance your character's effectiveness, increase overall damage output, and improve minion effectiveness. Achieving these goals allows you to reach the pinnacle of the game's endgame content and compete at the highest level.


11. Adapt and Optimize

As you progress, keep adjusting your gear, skill gems, and passive tree to optimize your build. Look for new modifiers and items introduced in 3.24 that can further enhance your build.


Regularly check the Path of Exile community forums and resources for any new insights or updates that might benefit your build.


By following these tips and staying adaptable, you'll be able to optimize your Poison Raging Spirits Guardian build and tackle the challenges of Path of Exile 3.24 with confidence. Enjoy the game and the power of your poisonous minions!




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