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A Path of Exile Necropolis League Guide: Mastering the Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist




Hey, Exile! Ready to blow away the competition in Path of Exile? The Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist build is your ticket to a fiery, explosive journey through Wraeclast. Cheer up, because we're diving into a build that's not just powerful but incredibly fun to play. By the end of this guide, you'll be dominating maps and bosses with a barrage of flaming arrows. Let's get started!




Why Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist?

First things first, why choose this build? The Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist combines high damage, great clear speed, and fantastic boss-killing potential. This build leverages the power of Explosive Arrow, which stacks fuses on enemies, causing devastating explosions. Using Ballista Totems, you can rain down fiery death without even breaking a sweat. Plus, the Elementalist's elemental damage bonuses and shock effects make this build even more potent.


Embrace the Power of Explosive Arrow

First things first, grab your trusty bow and load it with an Explosive Arrow. This isn't your average arrow; it sticks to enemies like a magnet, accumulating fuses. When the timer runs out or when your target meets their untimely demise, boom! Your foes go up in flames, leaving behind nothing but ashes and a satisfying stat boost for you. It's like fireworks, but infinitely more lethal.


Totems: Your Loyal Minions

Next, let's talk about Ballista Totemsyour personal army. These bad boys automatically fire your Explosive Arrows, freeing you up to focus on what really matters: staying alive and finding the perfect angle to watch those explosions from. Place them strategically and watch as they work tirelessly for you, turning the battlefield into a fiery spectacle.


Ascendancy: Unlocking Your True Potential

Now, let's ascend to greatness with our skill tree and ascendancy. The key nodes here are Shaper of Flames, Mastermind of Discord, and Heart of Destruction. They're like steroids for your elemental prowess, ensuring each blast feels like getting hit by a truckwell, a very hot, fiery truck.


Getting Started: Skill Tree and Ascendancy

Skill Tree Highlights

Totem Clusters: Prioritize the totem clusters, such as Watchtowers, to increase your totem placement speed and limit.

Elemental Damage: Invest heavily in nodes that boost elemental and fire damage.

Life and Resistances: Don't neglect your survivability. Nodes that increase life and resistances are crucial.


Ascendancy Points

Shaper of Flames: Guarantees all your hits always ignite, making your damage output consistent.

Mastermind of Discord: Reduces enemy fire resistance and boosts your damage.

Heart of Destruction: Enhances your elemental damage and area of effect.

Bastion of Elements: Provides a defensive shield that absorbs elemental damage, improving your survivability.


Gear: What to Look For

Weapon: A bow with high elemental damage and attack speed is ideal. Look for modifiers that enhance fire damage, critical strike chance, and attack speed.


Quiver: Opt for a quiver with increased elemental damage with attack skills, life, and resistances.


Armor: Prioritize life, resistances, and evasion. The main body armor should ideally have high life and resistances. Look for affixes that boost totem placement speed or elemental damage.


Jewelry: Rings and amulets should focus on increasing elemental damage, fire damage, and life. Amulets with anointments like "Watchtowers " are fantastic.


Flasks: Ensure you have a mix of defensive and offensive flasks. A Jade Flask for evasion, a Quicksilver Flask for speed, and a Ruby Flask for fire resistance are good choices. Don't forget utility flasks like the Dying Sun for additional projectiles.


Gems and Links

Main Setup (6-Link):

Explosive Arrow

Ballista Totem Support

Elemental Damage with Attacks

Increased Critical Strikes

Fire Penetration

Greater Multiple Projectiles


Auras and Buffs:

Herald of Ash: Adds more fire damage and overkill burning.

Anger: Grants significant added fire damage to attacks.

Precision: Improves your accuracy and critical strike chance.



Cast when Damage Taken (CWDT) Setup: Combine CWDT with Immortal Call and increased duration for a reliable defense mechanism.

Flame Dash: Use this for quick movement and dodging attacks.

Steelskin: Another layer of protection to mitigate incoming damage.


Playstyle and Tips

Positioning and Totem Placement: Your primary focus should be on positioning and placing your totems strategically. Always try to maintain a safe distance from enemies while your totems do the heavy lifting. Place your totems in a cluster to maximize their effectiveness and ensure overlapping explosions for maximum damage.


Keep Moving: Mobility is crucial. Constantly move to avoid incoming attacks and to reposition your totems. Utilize Flame Dash for quick escapes and better positioning.


Manage Your Flasks: Flask management is vital in Path of Exile. Use your defensive flasks in tough situations and offensive flasks when you need that extra burst of damage, especially during boss fights.


Leveling Tips

Early Levels: Start with a bow and basic attack skills like Split Arrow or Burning Arrow until you can use Explosive Arrow.

Transition: Around level 28, switch to Explosive Arrow and start using Ballista Totem Support.

Ascendancy: Complete Normal Labyrinth as soon as possible to get Shaper of Flames and start benefiting from guaranteed ignites.


Boss Fights

For tough bosses, focus on avoiding their high-damage attacks and let your totems do the work. Place your totems in a triangle around the boss to ensure maximum fuse stacking and explosions.

Once you defeat a powerful boss, they will drop a large amount of PoE currency and orbs. Then, you can use them to buy some weapon and poe items.


Map Mods to Watch Out For

Certain map mods can be particularly challenging for this build:

Elemental Reflect: Avoid these maps entirely, as they can quickly kill you.

Reduced Life/Mana Recovery: Be cautious, as this can hinder your sustain.


Final Thoughts

Playing the Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist is a blast, quite literally! The build offers a satisfying mix of strategic totem placement, explosive damage, and great survivability. With practice and fine-tuning, you'll be tearing through maps and melting bosses in no time. Remember to keep your gear updated, manage your flasks wisely, and stay mobile. Good luck, Exile, and may your arrows fly true and your explosions be ever so fiery!




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