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A Full Guide to Unleashing the Power of PoE Raise Spectre Best Monster




In Path of Exile(PoE), the "Raise Spectre" skill is a powerful and popular choice among Necromancer builds. This skill allows you to reanimate the corpses of slain monsters to fight alongside you. Choosing the best spectres to raise can greatly influence the effectiveness and playstyle of your build. Below is a deep exploration of some of the best monsters to raise as spectres, along with their pros and cons, and how they fit into different types of builds.




What is "Raise Spectre" in Path of Exile?

"Raise Spectre" is a skill gem in Path of Exile that enables you to bring back the bodies of defeated monsters to battle by your side. These resurrected monsters, known as spectres, retain their abilities and can vary greatly in their effectiveness depending on their base type.



How to Raise the Best Spectres?

Raising the best spectres involves several steps, including selecting the right monsters to raise as  spectres, understanding the mechanics of the skill gem, and optimizing their performance through gear, gems, and passive skill tree choices. There are some steps for you to refer to.  


1. Selecting the Right Monsters for the Spectres

When selecting the right monsters to raise spectres for your build, it is important to consider your goals and the type of content you plan to tackle. Here are some top monsters to raise as spectres and their characteristics.


Slave Drivers are among the best monsters to raise as spectres. They can be found in Act 5 - Control Blocks and have high lightning damage with AOE attacks and good range. However, they are vulnerable to lightning-resistant enemies and have moderate survivability.


Redemption Sentries, another type of monster to raise as spectres, are located in Redeemer-influenced maps (high tier maps). They boast high DPS, cold damage with freezing potential, and durability. However, they are difficult to obtain and have limited AOE capabilities.


Frost Sentinels can be found in Act 8 - The Quay, The Grain Gate, and offer consistent cold damage, AOE and crowd control with freezing. However, they are less durable and purely cold damage.


Baranite Preachers, another type of monster for the Spectres , are located in Baran, The Crusader influenced maps. They provide hybrid physical and lightning damage, as well as tankiness. However, they have complex mechanics and are hard to find.


Carnage Chieftains, can be found in Act 2 - The Old Fields, and provide Frenzy Charges for allies, boosting attack/cast speed. However, they have low personal damage and are fragile.


Lastly, Host Chieftains, also can be found in Act 2 - The Old Fields, and provide Power Charges for allies, boosting critical strike chance. However, they also have low personal damage and are fragile.


2. How to Raise Spectres?

To raise spectres in Path of Exile, the first step is to obtain the "Raise Spectre" gem. This can be purchased from Act 3 Siosa after completing the "A Fixture of Fate" quest or from other players. The level of the gem determines the level of the spectres you can summon.


Once you have the gem, you can start raising spectres by following these steps. First step you need to find the desired monster you wish to raise and kill it to create a corpse. The monsters you desire may be formidable, so it's advisable to equip yourself well and bring a large amount of PoE orbs and scrolls to purchase items if needed. Then, target the corpse and cast "Raise Spectre" using the gem. 


To store spectres for later use, you can use desecrate in your hideout to summon their corpses. This allows you to keep them on hand without having to constantly find new monsters to raise.


There are several ways to modify and enhance your spectres:

Gems: Support gems like "Minion Damage", "Spell Echo", "Greater Multiple Projectiles", etc., can greatly improve spectre performance.

Gear: Items like "Bones of Ullr" boots, "Vis Mortis" chest, and "The Hungry Loop" ring can increase spectre survivability and damage.

Ascendancy: Necromancer ascendancy in the Witch class provides numerous bonuses to minions, including spectres.

Passive Tree: Investing in minion damage, life, and duration nodes can also help boost your spectres' effectiveness.



Best Practices for Using Spectres

When using spectres in Path of Exile, there are several best practices to follow in order to maximize their effectiveness. First, it's important to raise your spectre limit by investing in passives and gear like "The Baron" helmet. This will allow you to summon more spectres and increase your overall power.


Positioning is also crucial when using spectres. Keep them at a safe distance from dangerous enemies to avoid them getting quickly destroyed. Additionally, utilizing aura support such as "Hatred" or "Wrath" can significantly boost their damage output, making them more efficient in combat.


Another useful tool is the "Desecrate" skill, which allows you to generate corpses of your preferred spectres in maps where they are not naturally found. This can be especially helpful when you need specific types of spectres that aren't available in certain areas.


Finally, consider utilizing the Necromancer ascendancy for increased minion effectiveness. This will further enhance the power and survivability of your spectres, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. By following these best practices, you can make the most out of your spectres and dominate your enemies in PoE.




Mastering the "Raise Spectre" skill in Path of Exile involves not only selecting the most effective spectres but also optimizing their performance through skill gems, gear, and passive tree choices. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of various spectres and how to enhance them, players can create powerful and versatile Necromancer builds capable of tackling all content in the game.




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