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​MMOSO - What should be the first 7 alliance quests to complete in WotLK Classic: Northrend?


The WoW Classic section is devoted to revisiting the past, which made the re-release of Wrath of the Lich King, which already happened in 2008, into all kinds of metadata. Many curious and determined new adventurers will travel to Northrend for the first time in World of Warcraft: Classic.

Players can get a quest in Old Azeroth where they can follow any location, Wrath of the Lich King: To Northrend! , they can get it from Chromie, but it's not required. Players can leave from one of two cities, Stormwind or Menethil Harbor. Both ports are located in the Eastern Kingdoms, but ships from Menethil Harbor go to Valgard in the Howling Fjord, while the departure point from Stormwind City is to Fortress of Valor in the eastern region of the Borean Tundra.

World of Warcraft: Classic


Arthas Menethil lands a little westward in the adjacent Dragonblight, but players familiar with older RTS games will still recognize some familiar landmarks and place names that also appeared in old campaigns. As the story of Prince Arthas and his last march into Northrend spread throughout the human kingdom, the legends and characters of the Alliance seemed to have a deeper emotional connection to their mission.

A Return To Resting

There are plenty of quests, including kill quotas and carrying packages, which are nice, but mindless and tedious. Those interested in learning about some local culture will appreciate the change in rhythm provided by Return to Rest.

It's a simple quest leading to an interesting area with a handy local transport around it called the Great Lift. All it takes is to travel to an ancient vrykul resting place, return some important artifacts, and give restless souls to rest forever.

The Shining Light

This is the first of a short two quest chain that gives players the opportunity to team up with the Silver Crusaders, one of the dominant neutral factions in the region. The second part is called "Guided by Light" and it's two missions in one.

Ares the Oathkeeper asks the player to travel north from Valgard to find an artifact and return it to the NPC in the fortress. There is the experience of finding the artifact and returning it, which is actually twice as much as a quest.

Feeding the Survivors

This is one of the first tasks most players do when discovering the west coast of Howling Fjord. Gathering meat is important for improving your cooking skills, this quest can be used to gather resources and gain some prestige with important local factions.

Walruses are a neutral race and they offer some interesting items for characters with enough reputation. Doing this quest and others in the area will not only make friends, but also get better fishing gear and other goodies.

Valiance Keep

Located on the southern coast of the Borean Tundra, Valiance Keep is a city built almost entirely on docks and underwater scaffolding, with a coastline in constant need of defense. Players who choose Valiance Keep as their starting point will find that most of their goals are tribal interests, not the other side of the continent, where the enemy is either the locals or the environment itself.

Enemies Of The Light

This is one of several quests that take the character to the nearby Farshire settlement on the northwest coast of Valiance Keep. This is a simple kill quota quest and is an ideal representative to start, players will be able to complete other Farshire quests on the same trip.

Harbinger Vurenn, a representative of the Silver Crusade, offered this quest. It ties into the storyline of the Silver Crusaders and their battle with the Scourge.

Word On The Street

One of the many quests available to players, including some Northrend history and an intriguing storyline, "Street Words" begins a ten-step quest chain. Some involve simple fetching tasks or passing messages, so here are some simple points of experience.

The entire collection includes exploration and interaction in nearly every corner of Valiance Keep and the surrounding countryside. Even those who haven't entered the long quest chain should consider completing this quest, just for the lore and intrigue involved.

Scouting The Sinkholes

Players don't have to get the breadcrumb quest to head north to the Fizzlecrank airstrip, but it's nice to have some extra XP waiting to show up. Players who want to level up in the northern part of the area before moving south or west can take over this quest, which leads to a series of quests involving various levels of research and destruction.

These tasks include writing or blowing up local Nerubian investigations, starting with some small research into some mysterious sinkholes.

Check In With Bixie

Players who want to kill bugs, explore the regional area leading to Dragonblight, and gain reputation through Valiance Expedition should complete this and the next three quests. From the Fizzlecrank airstrip, they head east to places like Death Nest on the region's eastern border and Temple City of En'kilah, where the bugs have invested.

Wrath Classic has been officially launched, and the server is full. MMOSO.com will continue to provide you with the Wrath Classic Guide, if you want to see other guides, return to MMOSO's news page. Players who need to buy WotLK Classic Gold can click here directly.



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