​MMOSO POE - Path of Exile 'Plundering Goblins' Highlights RPG's Magic Find Woes

Path of Exile "looting goblins" is a hot topic in the ARPG gaming community right now - describing a player who spends hours farming for little reward in search of a very high reward enemy. Many fans say this phenomenon has been the focus of many endgame games in PoE patch 3.19, symbolizing both a big problem with the magic discovery system and ongoing dissatisfaction with the Path of Exile Archnemesis mod.

What is magic find?

Simply put, 'magic find' is a phrase used by Path of Exile players to refer to gear stats 'increased rarity of items found' and 'increased number of items found (although the latter is sometimes called 'quantified' as for clarity). The term is derived from the equivalent stats in Diablo, and essentially boils down to your chances of finding rare items and currency. The higher your magic discovery, the more goodies you get, and the better it may be.

Magic finds have long been a welcome addition, because who doesn't want to drop more good loot? However, you'll have to make sacrifices to include magic discovery in your build, as it takes up stat space on your device. The more magic you discover, the weaker the rest of your build is likely to be - a fair trade-off, all things considered. However, this has recently been combined with the recently introduced and extremely challenging Archnemesis mod to dramatic effect.

Path of Exile

A series of special Archnemesis modifiers called "god-touched" (each associated with a different god in the Path of Exile pantheon) turn monsters into more dangerous versions of their usual forms, but their drop Items are converted into valuable currency and other rare end-game items such as maps and divination cards. These mobs drop large amounts of PoE's premium currency when defeated - this is only exacerbated by defeating them with a character with a high magic discovery stat.

Path of Exile players spend hours trying to get these valuable mobs to spawn - clearing dozens and in some cases hundreds of endgame maps. To do this efficiently, they use a build designed for high damage output and fast map clear times - meaning they probably don't have much magic to discover. Instead, when they find a special enemy, they bring in the services of a monster mercenary known in the community as "MF Culler."

MF Cullers get their name because their builds are almost entirely focused on magic discovery - so much so that they're pretty much useless for general map cleanup - and the Culling Strike ability they use allows them to instantly kill any health Enemies below 10% (to compensate for their general inability to fight). MF Culler's job is to just show up for a god-touched enemy, wait for its health to drop, and then blast it with a ton of incredibly valuable bonuses - so much that it turns out it's usually more than enough to make up for everything upfront time.

Some players running in multiplayer groups include one in the MF Culler build; others will hire one from game chat or Discords when needed, usually handing over a percentage of the bounty in exchange for the service provided. However, no matter what they do, there seems to be an almost unanimous consensus in the community - spend hours and hours farming enemies that are highly unlikely to give up anything of value just to get a big but very rare paycheck Day, it's an incredibly unsatisfactory way to play.

Players can completely remove regular mobs from the map, as you won't find anything from them. It's really sad and boring, the general loot-feeling system we've had over the years from mobs has now been replaced by a handful of mobs that drop X-expensive stuff or something. "I just quit the game and started watching Netflix," another said, after finally meeting their first god-touched rarity after hours of farming and being unable to kill it.

One new player even asked in a recent comments section why the game's normally "very positive" Steam user rating has plummeted to "mostly negative". The replies did reassure them that much of the game was still fun, and that "you're going to need hundreds of hours to find the problem. For newbies, the game is 100% exciting and totally worth it."

For a game like Path of Exile that has long been driven by its most loyal fans and rich endgame experience, though, this general dissatisfaction certainly isn't taken lightly. Grinding Gear Games hopes to win over fans of Path of Exile with the upcoming 3.20 patch and the road to 4.0, when the game will transition to Path of Exile 2. Meanwhile, Diablo 4's release date is getting closer, so competition for the title of best RPG game on PC could be fierce in 2023.

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