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​MMOSO POE - Path of Exile to roll out patch 3.19.0d on August 25


3.19.0d Patch Notes

This patch includes improvements to item drops, including from map bosses and rare monsters, with 2-4 Archnemesis modifiers, reduced Harvest monster health, and some bug fixes and improvements.

Lifeforce cost changes for Harvest crafting and improvements to Alliance Reflection rewards in Lake Kalandra will be deployed later.

POE 3.19.0d Patch Notes

Item Drop Changes

Map Bosses now drop fewer items, but of substantially better rarity, resulting in more unique items being found from Map Bosses.

Globally increased the base drop rate of unique items by 33%.

Globally increased the base drop rate of currency items by 25%.

Archnemesis Changes

Increased the item rarity for monsters with two Archnemesis modifiers, and substantially increased the item rarity for monsters with three and four Archnemesis modifiers. With the item drop conversion system, this results in a lot more powerful drops when hitting certain combinations of modifiers. This also results in a lot more Unique items from monsters with three or four modifiers.

Harvest Changes

Reduced the life of Primal Blisterlord by 23%, Primal Crushclaw by 15%, and Vivid Devourer by 15%, in order to bring them more in line with other Harvest monsters.

Reduced the life of all other Harvest monsters, bringing the Harvest monster life more in line with monsters found in other league content.

These changes do not affect the Spectred versions of these monsters.

Improvements and Bug fixes

Kirac will no longer offer the “Slay the Beyond Boss” mission, due to irreconcilable difficulties encountered with the Beyond revamp.

Fixed an issue where strongboxes could sometimes drop no items. Strongboxes will now always drop at least one item.

Fixed an overflow issue from socketing exceptional support gems in the Vaal Caress Unique Gloves, causing them to behave as if they were level 10 gems.

Fixed a bug where unlimited hideout decorations could sometimes not be placed.

Fixed a bug where Cartographer’s Strongboxes in the Lake of Kalandra would mostly drop Tier 1 Maps.

Fixed a bug where monsters could sometimes get stuck in terrain in the Lake of Kalandra.

Fixed a bug where the Iridescent Weapon Effect did not propagate to your off-hand.

Fixed a client crash that could occur with the Bony Arachnomorph Pet microtransaction.

That’s it for the patch notes. Path of Exile is out now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The list that was published of the number of modifiers set to get nerfed was said to be subject to change, but even if there are tweaks to the list, these balance changes are going to be felt. There are 22 categories listed, with individual modifiers getting one or more changes. These include things ranging from reduced damage reductions, as on Toxic, which drops from 40% to 25% Chaos Resistance against DoT, eliminations of some damage resistances, Deadeye losing both the 60% damage reduction when recently hit and the 200% increased Evasion under the same criteria, and much more.

Path of Exile is Nerfing A Wide Range of Archnemesis Defensive Modifiers for Balance Reasons

The biggest issues so far revolve around loot and monster strength. Even after some major tweaks, the loot in Path of Exile is still in terrible shape. There is a lot less money around and less stuff to buy, and as a result, trade is dead and most people are poor. Also, monsters are very powerful, especially those with the Archnemesis modifier.

Archnemesis mobs are less tanky, and loot has been buffed across the board. However, thugs can still have a lot of health, but in addition, they're usually hard to see attacking and can kill you at an incredible rate.

As far as loot goes, at the very high end, players reported a 90% or more reduction in loot, and after the patch, it doesn't seem to have changed much. Still, screenshots of some crazy currency dropping a lot of sacred orbs have been circulating on the internet.

In general, you're more likely to be poor, see a lot of duplicate junk rare drops, and get more Armorer's Scraps than you don't know what to do. According to many, if not most, players, loot and item drops still feel noticeably different than in 3.18. is a safe trading place, also POE items trading, so there are many users, and there are good reviews. You can buy POE currency at MMOSO with confidence, there will be customer service to connect with you, they can help you solve any problems, and they are professional. If there is a wrong purchase, don't panic, you can discuss it with customer service, and then return the order and place a new order. Before the currency reaches your account, the transaction security is borne by MMOSO.

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