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​Diablo 2 Resurrected Level 85 Areas Guide - Best LVL 85 Areas Farm For Game Leveling


In Diablo 2 Resurrected, you must defeat powerful monsters and bosses to get good loot, which is also the core of the game. These d2r items of great value can only be dropped from the so-called level 85 areas in the game. In this guide, we'll introduce you to the best level 85 farm areas, including the new level 85 areas added in the D2R Patch 2.4.

Best Level 85 Areas In D2R Act 1


The Mausoleum is the first available zone level 85 zone in the Diablo 2 Resurrected and is ideal for entry-level Diablo 2 Resurrected Items farming. Its entrance is in the Burial Grounds, which is the quest area of the Blood Raven quest, and it takes about 44 seconds to walk there and about 15 seconds to teleport here. This area only contains random unique bosses that are Lightning immune, so just about anyone can farm here.


The Pit is a dungeon in the Tamoe Highlands, consisting of two levels - Level 1 and Level 2, with immunity to fire, light, and cold, and is a very popular level 85 area in the game. Players can enter from a nearby waypoint, it takes about 27 seconds to walk here, and about 10 seconds to get there using teleport.

Underground Passage 2 (New)

The Underground Passage 2 is a new level 85 area added in patch 2.4, which can be found following the path through the Stony Field, it is located at Under Underground Passage Level 1, Entrance in Dark Wood. The area is immunities fire, cold, lightning, and poison, and it needs to take 1 minute and 6 seconds to get there on foot and 24 seconds to get there with teleport, there is a golden chest at the end.

Best Level 85 Areas In D2R Act 2

Ancient Tunnels

The Ancient Tunnels is located in the Lost City, it takes about 42 seconds to get here on foot and about 25 seconds to get here with teleport, which is a popular level 85 area for Magic Find. The area is immune to magic, fire, lightning, and poison, and since it is no Cold Immune, it is very suitable for builds like Blizzard magic find sorceresses, so the ancient tunnels have always been one of the best spots to farm as a cold sorceress.

Stony Tombs (New)

Stony Tombs is a new level 85 area in D2R Patch 2.4, accessible from the Rocky Waste outside Lut Gholein, filled with skeletons and scarabs. It takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds for players to walk here, and about 50 seconds to teleport. Immunities in this area can include lightning, poison, and a super unique monster that's cold, they can drop two D2 Resurrected Items. Overall, this is a great level 85 area, the only downside is that the trip from Lut Gholein to Rocky Waste may take longer than expected.

D2R Act 3 Best Level 85 Areas

Arachnid Lair (New)

As a newly added level 85 area in patch 2.4, the Arachnid Lair is probably the easiest place for players to reach. Its entrance is at a waypoint, you only waypoint to the spider forest and walks about seven steps to get here. The average time to walk here is about the same as the teleport time. The immunities that can be spawned in this area are fire, lightning, and poison. The Arachnid Lair is a very fast area and an easy super chest to snag, so it's not a bad idea to farm it.

Sewers (New)

In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4, the Sewers Lv1 has also become a level 85 area, this place has two entrances, located in Kurast Bazaar or Upper Kurast, it takes about 26 seconds to walk here and 11 seconds to teleport here. Immunities in this zone are magic, lightning, poison, and cold, as well as a super unique cold. Players who used to go to the Sewers Level 2 to find treasure chests can now also do super chest hunting on the first level.

D2R Act 4 Best Level 85 Areas

River of Flame/Chaos Sanctuary

In Diablo II: Resurrected, the River of Flame/Chaos Sanctuary is two connected level 85 areas, you can walk through one to reach the other, and players can reach the River of Flame from the City of the Damned via a staircase. Both zones are immune to fire, lightning, and cold,  the River of Flame actually has poison and is great for melee and minion farming builds, and the Chaos Sanctuary is popular for its high density, and at the end of it, you can kill Diablo.

Best Level 85 Areas In D2R Act 5

Abaddon (New)

Abaddon is one of the many new level 85 areas in D2R Patch 2.4. Its entrance is in the Frigid Highlands. It takes 53 seconds to walk here and 18 seconds to here with teleport. The immune of this area includes physical, lightning, fire, poison, and cold. Similar to the Stony Tombs, this area provides a lot of space for melee characters and summoners. At the end of Abaddon, you will find a golden chest.

Pit of Acheron (New)

The Pit of Acheron is largely the same as Abaddon and is also a new level 85 area added in Patch 2.4. The entrance to The Pit of Acheron is a red portal on the Arreat Plateau. It takes about 56 seconds to walk here and 28 seconds to use teleport. The zone immune is physical, poison fire, magic, and cold. It also has a golden treasure chest and the monsters that can be found are the Night Lord, Overlord, and Ice Boar.

Icy Cellar (New)

The Icy Cellar may be one of the most exciting areas in the new level 85 area in Patch 2.4. Its entrance is on the Ancient's Way. It takes about one minute and three seconds to walk here and about 14 seconds to here with teleport. Immunities to this zone are physical, lightning, poison, and cold, and it also contains a super unique monster called the Snapchip Shatter and a golden chest at the end. The only reason to run the Icy Cellar more than the other 85 areas is that the Snapchip Shatter can drop the maximum rarity of loot in the game, Treasure Class 87!

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