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Efficient Assassin Leveling Guide: Master the Trapsin Build in Diablo 2: Resurrected




The Assassin class in Diablo 2: Resurrected (D2R) offers a blend of martial arts, traps, and shadow disciplines, making for diverse and exciting playstyles. However, getting started with an Assassin can be challenging for some players. This guide focuses on a popular build: the Trapsin (Trap Assassin), and will help you level your Assassin efficiently from level 1 to level 75+. By following this guide, I believe mastering the Trap Assassin should be a piece of cake.


diablo-2-resurrected assassin


Levels 1-15: Trapsin (Fire Blast)

In the early levels, start by investing skill points into Fire Blast. From levels 2 to 5, put four points into Fire Blast. At level 6, add one point to Wake of Fire. Continue maxing Fire Blast from levels 7 to 12. At levels 13 and 14, invest two more points into Wake of Fire, and at level 15, put one point into Burst of Speed.


- Level 2-5: Fire Blast (4 points total)

- Level 6: Wake of Fire (1 point)

- Level 7-12: Fire Blast (max)

- Level 13-14: Wake of Fire (2 points total)

- Level 15: Burst of Speed (1 point)


The playstyle during these levels should focus on using Fire Blast as your primary skill, keeping Burst of Speed active for increased attack speed and mobility, and using Wake of Fire for crowd control. For gear, look for items that provide boosting Skills, Faster Cast Rate, and Mana regeneration. Socket your gear with gems and runes that boost mana and resistances.



Levels 16-30: Trapsin (Wake of Fire)

As you progress to levels 16-30, shift your focus to Wake of Fire. From levels 16 to 20, invest five points into Wake of Fire. At level 21, put one point into Claw Mastery. Maximize Wake of Fire from levels 22 to 30.


- Level 16-20: Wake of Fire (5 points total)

- Level 21: Claw Mastery (1 point)

- Level 22-30: Wake of Fire (max)


At this stage, Wake of Fire will become your primary damage dealer. Keep Burst of Speed active, and use Fire Blast to handle Fire Immune monsters. For gear, prioritize increasing Skills Effect, Faster Cast Rate, Mana regeneration, and Resistances. Using a shield can provide extra resistances and survivability.



Levels 31-50: Transition to Lightning Sentry

Transitioning to Lightning Sentry begins at level 31. Allocate one point to Mind Blast, then one point to Shadow Warrior at level 32. From levels 33 to 34, invest two points into Lightning Sentry. Add one point to Death Sentry at level 35. Maximize Lightning Sentry from levels 36 to 40, and then put ten points into Death Sentry from levels 41 to 50.


- Level 31: Mind Blast (1 point)

- Level 32: Shadow Warrior (1 point)

- Level 33-34: Lightning Sentry (2 points total)

- Level 35: Death Sentry (1 point)

- Level 36-40: Lightning Sentry (max)

- Level 41-50: Death Sentry (10 points)


Use Lightning Sentry as your main damage dealer and Death Sentry for additional damage and corpse explosion. Keep Burst of Speed active. For gear, focus on giving Trap Skills, Faster Cast Rate, Resistances, and Mana regeneration. Look for items with adding Skills and Faster Hit Recovery.



Levels 51-75+: Maximizing Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry

From levels 51 to 60, max out Death Sentry. Then, from levels 61 to 70, work on Lightning Sentry Synergies like Shock Web and Charged Bolt Sentry. Continue maxing synergies for Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry from levels 71 to 75+.


- Level 51-60: Death Sentry (max)

- Level 61-70: Lightning Sentry Synergies (Shock Web, Charged Bolt Sentry)

- Level 71-75+: Continue maxing synergies for Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry.


Your playstyle should now revolve around using Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry as your primary skills. Utilize Mind Blast for crowd control and keep Burst of Speed active, or switch to Fade for more resistances. For gear, prioritize items with Trap Skills, Faster Cast Rate, Resistances, and Mana regeneration. Consider gear with Faster Hit Recovery and All Skills.



General Tips

To help you quickly dispatch enemies and amass Diablo 2 Resurrected runes, your first strategy should be to hire an Act 2 Mercenary with Holy Freeze. This mercenary provides excellent crowd control and resilience, enhancing your survivability in battles. Make sure to outfit them with gear that not only bolsters their damage output but also fortifies their defenses.


When distributing your character's attribute points, prioritize Strength and Dexterity to ensure you can wield your chosen gear effectively. If you opt for using a shield, maximizing your block rate with Dexterity becomes beneficial.


Channel the majority of your remaining points into Vitality to increase your health pool, which is crucial for absorbing more damage. Conversely, Energy should receive minimal investment; you can rely on your equipment to replenish your Mana, ensuring you have enough spellcasting resources for combat.


Focus on maximizing your resistances, especially as you progress to Nightmare and Hell difficulties. Utilize small charms to boost resistances, life, and trap skills.


Following this guide will help you efficiently level your Assassin in Diablo 2: Resurrected, making the most of the Trapsin builds versatility and power. Happy leveling!




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