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​How to trade the path of exile currency with other players?


PoE is a game similar to Diablo, but after years of development, it has formed its own characteristics. PoE does not have a centralized currency like gold for players to trade items back and forth. But many items can double as PoE Currency such as scrolls and orbs, they have a unique barter system.

How to trade the path of exile currency with other players?

How to trade in Path of Exile?

In Path of Exile, you can trade directly with players, but the premise is that you find the right players first. After all, each player needs different PoE items. Compared with the precious time of the game, this is to find a suitable trading partner. It is more difficult.

With this in mind, you can try to find POE trading sites on the Internet such as You can easily find the players who sell the items you want to buy. This is too convenient and very convenient for player-to-player transactions. Easy to use, you can send messages to players and set transactions directly.

The following is the complete transaction process:

Use to find the item you want

Click the 'whisper' button next to the player's name who's selling the item

After you click whisper, a line of text will be copied you can paste into game chat to contact the player directly in-game

If they players online, they'll hopefully message you back

Set up a place to meet (typically your Hideout, or theirs)

Make sure to bring the agreed upon currency with you

Once you meet up, finish the trade

If you feel that trading with players is a waste of time, then you can choose other trading platforms such as MMOSO. Here is a complete list of PoE currencies and a Path of Exile guide. Any POE Orbs that can be traded can be found here.

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