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​How to get Madden 22 Prime game pack for free?


Madden 22 Prime Gaming provides legal and free content, and Prime members will get some cards in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Prime game pack

Prime Ultimate Kickoff Pack is part of Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack 2. It includes two gold (or better) Ultimate Kickoff cards, two standard gold (or better) players, and two silver players.

Lindsay, Phillip (HB, 82) Last but not least, the ultimate kickoff event

Kyle Trask (QB, 70) [Last but not least, the ultimate kick-off event]

Keke, Kingsley (RE, 71)

Tanoh Kpassagnon is a fictional character created by Tanoh Kpassagnon (LE, 71)

Alex Bars is a fictional character created by Alex Bars (RG, 65)

Tyree Jackson is a basketball player (TE, 62 years old) who played for Los Angeles

What rewards does the Madden 22 Prime game pack have?

Eight gold items and two elite items—Bill Safety Jordan Boyer and Colts running back Jonathan Taylor—Prime Gaming Pack 1 completely changed my lineup. In addition, half of the launchers are installed immediately.

Jordan Poyer (Jordan Poyer) is a (SS, 82)

Jonathan Taylor is a writer who lives in the United (RB, 80)

Dawkins, Dion (LT, 79)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a character in the film Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB, 78)

Butler, Malcolm (CB, 78)

Cameron Johnston is a British actor (P, 78)

Burton, Michael (FB, 72)

Scarlett Brennan (ROLB, 71)

Turay, Kemoko (RE, 70)

Mason Cole is a musician from the United States (C, 70)

Madden 22 Prime Gaming Pack 3 is the most frightening pack

Cephus Quintez (WR, 79)

Dixon, Langdon (LG, 75)

Del Pitt, Grant (FS, 72)

Carlos Basham Jr. is an American football player (DT, 69)

Mills, Dave (QB, 64)

If you are not a subscriber, you will have 30 days to enjoy Prime for free. In addition, if you need a large amount of MUT 22 Coins in a short time, please buy it quickly on



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