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​2021 New World Coins Farming Skills

The new world economy is one of the main ways players are exploring. Since New World rewards players with very limited New World Coins, we need to solve the shortage of New World Coins through market transactions.

2021 New World Coins Farming Skills

In most MMO games, you can get rewards for completing tasks. In the new world, in addition to completing tasks directly in exchange for gold rewards, players can also obtain additional money through exploration.

The most valuable resource

Although the production and sale of high-value items is a way to make gold in the new world, it is currently focused on low value (level 1) resources. On the one hand, it is due to the working methods of New World's various production systems. On the one hand, these resources are more common and easier to obtain.

Iron Ore is currently the most valuable resource in the first-tier resources, and it will continue to sell quickly to make them more valuable than the price per unit implies. Players can take it to New World's Trading Post to trade, and each settlement has its market with a unique market price. Therefore, before you sell goods, it is best to check the current price difference.

The value of refined resources and original resources

Usually, we will process the original resources into more valuable new world items to be traded in the auction house, so that the benefits obtained will be more objective, but you need to consider the time cost and how tax affects your potential returns. These are all You need to consider.

If you are just a casual player and do not have enough time to patiently produce and trade, then I recommend you to Buy New World Coins from, which is safe and reliable, convenient for transactions, 24/7 online service, fast delivery!



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MMOSO.COM is one of the most professional gaming service providers.We focus on in-game currency and items trading, with several years of industry experience and highly acclaimed service, dedicated to offering the best game trading platform for every player. we will keep improving and make every customer have an enjoyable shopping experience.

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