​Diablo 2 Resurrected:How to reach Act 5 from Act 4

The previous article "How to complete Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 3 Quest 6: The Guardian and leave for Act 4?" introduced killing Mephisto and brought his Soulstone to Act4. It also describes how to complete Act 4 Quest 1: The Fallen Angel. The following will introduce how to complete Act 4 Quest 2 and Quest 3.

How to complete Quest 2: The Hellforge?

Passing the Quest 1: The Fallen Angel, you must find Deckard Cain then begin Quest 2, back to the Plains of Despair quickly with TP( teleport ). On the right of the map edge, there is a way to the City of the Damned where the monsters you encountered are leveled-up. Deal with Abyss Knights first owning to elemental pop shots they shot. Enter the River of Flame again by the waypoint here to find out the forge and destroy its Soulstone. Reaching the forge, you'll meet a group of monsters, handling Hephasto, the Hell Forge Hammer dropped as Hephasto is vanished. Only by equipping with it, can you destroy Soulstone of the forge. After completion, Diablo 2 Resurrected items and several gemstones will drop.  

How to deal with Diablo in Quest 3: Terror’s End and reach Act 5?

Before entering the Chaos Sanctuary, there will be a waypoint, which is very useful. You will also meet Tyrael, and he will tell you to unlock 5 seals so as to see Diablo. The map of The Chaos Sanctuary is cross-like shape, so finding the seal by walking three directions. What you need to attend is that three mini-Bosses in three directions and a group of small monsters may appear after clicking the seal.    

Later, Diablo will appear in the middle of the five-pointed star. To be honest, he is the toughest Boss I have ever seen, and his damage is high. On normal difficulty, you have to be careful with the Red Lightning Hose. Some of the damage can be mitigated by fire and lightning resistance. Be ready to turn back to the town to replenish the state at any time. You can buy some D2 Resurrected items instead. Among them, the potion and the resurrected scroll cannot be less.

Fortunately, Diablo has a judgment on this attack. Just before casting the spell, he will raise his hands in the air, allowing you to instantly run past him and avoiding him. If you do not move, you will be trapped in the bone prison and cannot return to the city. In this way, you can only keep hurting and you will die easily. Killing Diablo will have rich rewards. Then go to town to talk to Tyrael, he will give you a portal, and you can enter Act 5.

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