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​Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.6 Changes & Patch Notes Prediction - D2R Ladder Season 3 New Content Wishlist

According to a recent post by community manager PezRadar, we know that Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 3 may be coming in mid-February. So in the upcoming season 3, what kind of new content can players see? Although the official has not given specific content yet, here we can predict what changes will be made in D2R 2.6.

1. New Ladder Season 3 Items

At the beginning of the ladder season 2, the Thunder Charms are very powerful, but the magic and physics are not very useful. Missing D2R ladder items to further reduce the resistances, and still no playable items with magic resistance. So in Ladder Season 3, we hope to add new unique items and runewords, just like season 1, but hopefully better.

2. D2R 2.6 Terror Zones

The new terror zones added in Season 2 are a really cool feature that will give us more of a chance to reach level 99. In Ladder 3, Blizzard may improve several zones, upgrading less popular terror zones to higher monster densities or linking them to other terror zones. For example, Stonyfield and Chris drum could be merged, or the underground passage could be added to dark wood.

3. D2R 2.6 New Maps

All the maps are crafted from existing graphical elements from Diablo 2, with new creations each season, and the maps can also be found in different priorities like other items. Blizzard can add new levels to the game without requiring a new act or a change to existing ones, and they can also insert small storylines that can be completely separate from the main story.

4.  More In-Game Events

Blizzard's update of the 22 Nights of Terror in ladder season 2 was a great idea, but mods like doing more damage to Undead were pretty insignificant, and the 24 hours of cow level as a terror zone even annoyed many players. Adding some XP or magic find weekend events to D2R ladder season 3 would certainly motivate many players.

5. Crossplay on All Platforms

It would be absolutely cool to be able to play cross-platform, the console players can also go directly to the PC Marketplace to trade instead of playing with friends who only play on the console.

6. Stackable Runes & Gems

Project Diablo has shown how to realize that too, and such a function may be welcomed by all players. But there is currently no such mechanism that may be providing new possibilities for duping methods.

The above is our thoughts and predictions on the content of the Diablo II Resurrected 2.6 Ladder Season 3. Once Ladder 3 goes live, you can buy new d2r ladder items for cheap at MMOSO with safe payment and considerate service.



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